House Tour

Welcome to our Home Sweet Home! Our home is a work in progress, we bought our apartment used because it was bigger than all the other ones we found and in a convenient location. Slowly yet surely we have been furnishing and remodeling our apartment.

20130414_143241We moved to our apartment in April 2013. I can honestly say that this was the second best day of our lives! The first being when we got married! Little by little we have been remodeling our home when we have money and free time! Since we work A LOT, not always do we have time left over, but little by little we are working on our work in progress!

Outside View- Front Door

20130414_143234I haven’t changed much since we moved in, I just put down a rug and a sign, I really wanted to paint the door red, but the condiminium doesn’t allow it:(

Living Room

20130407_180830-001I don’t have many BEFORE pics. We were so anxious to finally be in our house that we didn’t even stop to take pics! This pic was the first we were in oour house after we painted the living room and one of the rooms white.

Living Room- DURING

100_4566 100_4585


Until now, we put up a shelf and pictures , made “art”,  put up curtains, bought a couch, and a wooden buffet.

Dining Room- DURING

The only thing I have done in the dining room is put up “decorations” on the wall and hang up a mirror.

Hallway- BEFORE

doorI have a lot of ideas for the hallway, thank goodness we were finally able to switch out the doors and doorknobs and paint the doors! The doors were really ruined and needed to be changed so we had them changed and my darling hubby painted them!

Hallway- DURING


Bathroom- DURING

I didn’t do anything in the bathroom except for put towels in the basket, haha. The bathroom already came remodeled, but we need to put in a cabinet, crown modling around the mirror and fix a small mistake on the ceiling!

Bedroom- DURING

101_2705 101_2706We have started working in the bedroom, until now we have bought a new bed and mattress, made curtains, bought nighstands, a vanity table, and lamps.


Office- BEFORE

101_2710Office- DURING

100_5328 100_5329

Here we just painted the room and bought some furniture,

Closet- BEFORE

101_2716 Slowly yet surely I have been working in the third bedroom in the house trying to make it into a closet. I have put some rods up on the wall and am forever working on trying to be rid of things to clear out the room. Work in progress. Always.

Closet- DURING

IMG-20150207-WA0009 IMG-20150207-WA0013 IMG-20150207-WA0011

Kitchen- DURING

101_2903[1] 101_2902[1]In the kitchen I didn’t do anything yet. I just put my things in there, bought rugs, and decorated my outlet covers.

Well, this is my beloved house! Little by little we have been remodeling and it is a work in progress! I will always be osting on here things we do and would love for you to keep on reading! Slowly yet surely things are shaping up!

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