23 Things in My 23rd Year- Resolutions

I don’t usually do New Year’s Resolutions, I usually do some resolutions on my birthday, but since my birthday marks the halfway point of the year, I decided to review my list and see things that I have or haven’t done already.

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  1. Act my age. 23, not 35. Still in Progress- learning more as each day goes by. 

2. Get a tattoo.  After job searching I was relieved I hadn’t gotten one yet and now I have decided not to get one. 

  3. Take better care of my skinI was doing really well on this, but I have forgotten to wear sunscreen. I honestly need makeup with sunscreen in it; Does anyone know if Mary Kay foundation has sunscreen in it? If so, I’m good to go!

 4. Move.  SIXTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN more days! Hip Hip Hooray!


 5. Lose 8 more kilosWhen I wrote that I was weighing 60 kilos.. that meant that I wanted to be 52 kilos. The same weight I was when I was 14. I have since given up on that and realiized it is definitely NOT a normal weight for me, so I have chosen to work on forever remaining 60 kilos. Still have to work on that some. 

 6. Do a radical sportI haven’t done this yet.. But I will!

 7. Find more me time.While I was working I was actually starting to get good at finding me time, now that I am unemployed I am being EXCELLENT at finding me time hahaha

8. Read 23 books. I am pretty sure I have read 23 books already, I started downloaded books on my kindle and have been reading them like crazy.

9. Continue avoiding medicine. Still strong on no medicine

10.  Build a good wardrobe.  I DEFINITELY have worked well on this. 


11. Teach more . I have accomplished this, and still need to continue

12.  Eat caviar. I haven’t done this yet.

13. Go back to my natural hair. I tried. I really did. It sucked. 

14. Not drink soda or boxed juices .I was doing really well at this, but when I started dieting again I needed coke zero to ward of hunger pains haha

15. Get my third piercing. Done May/2015

16. Go camping. I haven’t yet..

17. Go to Rio.Done! It was AMAAAAZING!

18. Have flat abs. Nope….not even close:/ Pudgy Wudgy.


19. Say what I really think. Ok, I might even have gotten TOO good at this hahaha

20. Go to a music show. Not yet.. there is still time though!

21. Save more money.Um… Still time to work on this haha

22. Enjoy life. I have DEFINITELY been working on this and doing it well.

23. Drink 10 new kinds of coffee. Yes, I have definitely done this already!

So those are my 23rd year resolutions, not exactly New Year’s Resolutions, but life resolutions. I do have some goals that I am going to work on.. lose the 3 kilos I gained recently after all that insane weight loss.. work on being healthy ..among other things;)

Happy New Year you guys!



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