What to Wear on New Year’s Eve

Well, It is finally the end of 2015.. it seems to have been an awfully long year, hasn’t it? I think so, at least. This year was harsh, haha

Well, with the end of the year comes the celebration of out with the old and in with the new, in other words, New Year’s Eve Parties!

I’m spending the weekend at my Father-in-law’s lakehouse and even though it’s just family, I am still dressing up. I will post pictures later of my own outfit.

I started a board on Pinterest for Pinspiration for New Year’s Eve outfits, so I thought I might share those here just in case anyone at the last minute needs some inspiration:)

Light Gold Sequins- I like the idea and visually it’s gorgeous. The whole ensemble with nude heels looks nice because it all remind us of the golden tones and makes a nice outfit.

Extra Sparkle– In order to do this one you need a really well sequined dress for it to look good. It can’t be just any dress if not it will look cheap. I love the red heel, I wouldn’t wear wear the rounded toe thouggh, I would choose a peep toe or a pointy toed shoe.

Sparkle on Unique Pieces- You can put together a nice outfit by just wearing simple black ( or even white) clothing and using a statement piece like a sequined jacket (again, make sure it’s very well sequined).

Tulle Skirts- I really wish I had seen this idea before I had settled my outfit, I would probably have run after tulle. It looks so sweet and dainty!

Dainty White Dresses- I love dainty, girly clothes. So of course dresses had to be a topic here haha. Actually, I like them soooo much that outfit is very similar to the one on the right, simpler though  since I am moving and couldn’t buy golden shoes hehe

Well you guys, I hope you have felt inspired to dress up on New Year’s Eve! Enjoy the passing of the year celebration! See you all next year!

All photos are from Pinterest, they can be found in my album here


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