The Out and About Look


So yesterday I spent the whole day out and about. We had a whole lot of running around to do… closing bank accounts, canceling phone lines, among other things. Since I knew it would involve a lot of walking.. I decided to don my sneakers on for a more comfortable outfit. I usually only wear them when traveling, but my feet have been achy tired from all the running around we have been doing:/

We are finalizing the things in our house, we have paperwork still strewn about everywhere, but maybe by tonight we can deliver it where it needs to go.. we’ll see.


Lately I have not been wearing “pretty” clothes, but yes functional clothes. I haven’t completely abandoned my style but considering I have just been staying at home or running around, my style has been a little bit more relaxed than normal. Soon I shall be living from a suitcase, but once I get my clothes all packed, I’ll post about what I am living with for the last few days. just because I’m moving doesn’t mean I have to look like a total slob, I still have my pride haha.


Keeping it cute but simple, that’s my goal for the next few days!

Have a happy Wednesday!


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