What It’s Like To Pack Up Your Life

So today’s post has nothing to do with fashion, nothing at all… but yes, it has to do with what I am going through every single minute of my life for the past few days since I have stopped working.

What it’s like to pack up your life?


Our little calendar we have had ever since we bought the tickets… only 20 days now!

See, here’s the thing… I have moved 28 times in my life, this move is the 29th move, and I’m only 23 years old.. so imagine.. that’s a lot of moving. However, I hadn’t really imagined the possibility of moving back to the States with my Brazilian husband.. life just happened and I figured I would just stay here… but slowly things started evolving and we decided to move to the States. It’s a blessing, really.

The thing is… I spent the last 3 years investing loads of money into my house trying to make it a home. Loads of money you guys, loads. And now.. in 30 days, I have to sell everything for less than half the price and pack up everything and move.


What’s left of my living room

I’m not so sentimental (unless it’s jewerly haha) when it comes to things… but I have learned my lesson, never invest your money into your home. You may just abandon it after a little while and lose all the money you invested. So word for the wise, take all that cash and TRAVEL! That is what I am planning on doing for the next few years. Enjoy my life in the States and get to know a lot of different places there. I just need a workable home, liveable. It does not need to look Martha Stewart worthy. It just needs to be a little corner I call home.


The leftovers of my office, which has now become the packing room

Anyhow, this past week and a half has been insane. I never thought it would fly by so fast… I mean, only 20 days till I move…TWENTY! My house is utter chaos, but as each day goes by I start feeling more and more excited. When I tell people that moving is chaos and they don’t know what a messy house, they don’t believe me.. well, let me tell you, it’s crazy. And that’s why I am posting these pictures today. My life has been like this for the past few days/weeks.


The remains of the walk in closet… poor little room

This move is different than normal moves, I actually have to GET RID of everything.. I have to fit my whole life into four boxes, two small suitcases, and two backpacks. My WHOLE life. That means getting rid of everything. And I mean, everything.

Do you have any idea how many papers and documents we had? It filled up our whole living room, really, our whole living room. We had to shred bags and bags of useless paper.


Now, as I look around me.. I see bare walls, messes on the floor, little things here and there, all which need getting rid of. It’s crazy, It’s insane. It’s actually invigorating. The idea that we get a fresh start, a new beginning is amazing, but for new beginnings you must leave the old.. and that is exactly what we are doing… Leaving the old behind to make room for the new.

In life, that’s necessary. How will you have the new if you don’t get rid of the old? And I’m not talking about possessions, I’m talking about life, love, relationships..Forgive and forget darlings, let the old leave you so you can be new again. You won’t regret it!



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