Sometimes It’s Not About the Price

Something that has been going through my head recently is how fixed people are on prices. I see people talking about clothes and things that they have bought, but really I only see them tlaking about how much they paid for something because it was expensive. Usually when I buy something expensive I don’t really like sharing the price. When someone point blank asks me the price, I’ll tell them.. I won’t lie. But seriously, I usually only share prices when it was osmething cheap because then I’m all happy that I was able to get something for so cheap, I think that is normal, at least, in my view it is normal haha.

I think that you need to have a closet full of things that you love. That doesn’t mean that they have to be expensive. I have expensive and cheap things, but they are all clothes that I love, that is part of the reason why I started the Pinterest Project , I just wanted to own clothes and things that I love. But seriously, that doesn’t mean that they have to be expensive. I love sales and buy most of my clothes on sale, unless they are staples then it is inevitable.. I have to end up paying the normal price because usually the staples don’t go on sale (think, black white and grey clothes that are normal, nothing fancy)

For purses, I usually buy Zara ones because for off brands they last a good long while, I’ll talk more on that another day. It’s not necessarily cheap, but it is something that I will shell out more cash for.

Now the thing is.. I like statement jewerly, but I don’t buy them at high end stores or even at stores like ZARA or Forever 21 here in Brazil because I think they are expensive. It’s like, 100 reais for a statement necklace and I just think that is too much for knock off jewerly. At that price I would refer to invest in the real deal.

Soooo, what do I do? I go downtown to the cheapest biju stores I can find and buy statement necklaces. Like so:


Top left to right- Six reais ( a dollar fifty), Six reais ( a dollar fifty), four reais (one dollar)

Bottom two: both 13 reais (three dollars and twenty-five cents) each

These things are CHEAP. I bought them at a store downtown called Miss Biju. When you add them to a plain tshirt or black clothes ( which I looooove to wear) they look AWESOME!

So you see.. it’s not something expensive, it’s basically the same as the ones in nice stores, and once you add it to an outfit, no one can tell it was so cheap, so no worries. Don’t believe me? Check out a few of my outfits!

And you? WHat are your thoughts on cheap statement pieces?

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