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Thanks to all my crazy pinning while I was in recovery, I was able to put together a few outfits based on pinspiration haha. I had seen a few women using tshirts tied around the waist using skirts, I tried to copy it, but my tshirt was too small to tie a knot so it didn’t happen (along with the fact that Mr. Hubs kept annoyingly saying you’re going to ruin your shirt… you’re going to ruin your shirt… so next time I’ll just use HIS shirt because it’s bigger and might work:D Aaaand if it ruins, I’ll be ruining his shirt and not mine, so he can’t say I ruined my shirt:D Does that logic actually work? haha

Anyhow, I went to a biju store downtown and picked up a silver necklace because I needed some kind of statement jewerly that was silver. It was so cheap that I figured I would try it out.. and next week (after Christmas) I am going back for more because they are sooooo cheap here in Brazil haha.


I have this evil face in the pic because I really thought that Mr. Hubs had taken a few pics of me smiling, apparently not and I was running super late to get to church ( yes, I arrived promptly at 9 and not a minute sooner because I stopped for pictures haha)

As you can see above, my original pinspiration, I love the brightly colored skirt and the other pencil skirt, but since I wanted something black I went with the long black skirt that I have.

Thank you Pinspiration! hahaha



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