Three Things


Three Things I’m Watching Lately

  1. The Blacklist– OMG. It’s amazing, that’s all I have to say. I’m at the end of season two, almost at the end. I need to finish it!
  2. Drop Dead Diva– Corny, I know…but when I get too much Blacklisted I choose something girly and Drop Dead Diva hits the spot. I’m almost at the end of season five… buut I read spoilers so I know what is going to happen! hahaha
  3. The Cobbler– I watched it last night with the Hubs. I really liked it… it left a few unanswered questions though!blog12


Three Beauty Products I’ve Been Loving

  1. Ampola Power Vit b6 Garnier Fructis- I found these on sale at Carrefour from 20 reais for 5 reais. They were sooo cheap hahaha I was so excited to have found such a deal! I took all the boxes that were on the shelf…unfortunately there were only 3:/ I have used two already and I like them, they aren´t as good as Loreal’s, but they do the trick.
  2. Knut Professional Leave In– I bought this for the sole reason that it had protection against UV rays in it and the saleslady swore that it wouldn’t leave my hair with that greasy heavy feeling. And in all honesty, it doesn’t! I really like it. I have been trying to wear sunblock or anything to protect myhair against the sun in an effort to go back to my red locks. So far, to no avail, but who knows… I’ve learned that I need to use very little of the product to get my hair just right, not dry and not greasy either.
  3. Mary Kay Blush– I started using a darker shade of Mary Kay blush as a bronzer… I hadn’t been wearing blush because I think I bought the wrong color for myself in the US. My sister in law then gave me the right color of blush and now I have been using it nonstop! Thankyou Kelly!blog13

Three Things About What I’m Wearing

  1. Zara Tote Bag– I love love love Zara bags. They aren’t the best quality because they aren’t leather, obviously, but for day to day wear where I haul around a bunch of books and gadgets they definitely do the trick. I’m not such a big purse fan.. so I have a caramel tote and a black tote. Both are awesome!
  2. Chili Beans Sunglasses– Best investment I have ever made. I bought them three years ago for my honeymoon and they are still brand new. I have never really had any problem with them so I think they are awesome.
  3. Loopper Jeans-Since I have large hips (thanks Mom and Dad) I have A LOT of trouble buying jeans.. they are always loose in the waist, like a LOT.  I discovered a couple of years ago a brand of jeans called Loopper that have elastic in the waist so they fit all body shapes- especially mine! Wide hips and narrow waist! I love them! Check them out here:

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