Marina Ruy Barbosa’s Style


I am not one to participate in knowledge about Brazilian celebrities… but there has been a Brazilian actress showing up all over everywhere, Marina Ruy Barbosa. I personally have seen very little of her acting, but I have kept an eye on her style. I really think she is a beautiful woman with spectacular, amazing hair. Seriously, look at all that red hair! hahaha (This is where I mention that I was born with red hair and it got blonder as I gre older:/ Oh well)

Well, the first thing that calls attention in Marina is her hair, the second thing is her style. I can reaaaaaaaally related to her style.  And why is that you ask me?

She wears dresses first of all, and lots of them!


I’ve seen her photographed for many different occasions, day to day things or events, this girl can really rock a dress. I love how she has a sweet, feminine style. Definitely the kind of style I like!


Marina also knows how to wear her colors well… she wears a lot of green and creme… which look great with her hair! It also makes me want to wear dark green… I should try it and see haha


For party dresses, she continues with green tones and keeps up with her girly dresses style.


So redheads… be inspired by Marina’s color tones and style! She is definitely an inspiration to all women!

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