On Saying Goodbyes


This week is a tough week, goodbyes are happening every single day. Every single day I am saying goodbye to someone special, it’s tough. I’ve been an English Teacher for 8, almost 9 years.. leaving everyone is sad, and again, the word I’m using is bittersweet.

I don’t think there is any easy way to say goodbye. I’ve even googled it haha, no such thing exists. Everyone I have worked with and related with have been special to me. I’ve been through ups and downs, but all the ups weigh out the downs, the past 8 years have been amazing.

On a happier note, I finally got around to Christmas shopping today, but things have been so crazy that I wasn’t able to get much done.  Oh well, maybe next week lol. It seems like Christmas just popped up out of nowhere, it may be because I have been so focused on the trip though. Although I love teaching, I need Saturday to arrive for my last day in order for me to start packing!

On the clothes chosen for today’s outfit.. I chose my Jasmine pants and a tighter shirt because I knew that I would be walking all day and I also wanted a more formal wear, so beauty meant praticality and this look was put together;)


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