Back to My Gothic Roots


black on black on a windy day;)

Okay, okay, maybe not back to my gothic roots because I don’t really think that I was every fully gothic, I just really liked black clothes. Recently I have been in the mood to wear all black, it might have been an article I read saying that a good DO for European fashion is wearing all black, not that I really needed much of a push since I love black on black. I just think that it makes people look so elegant, and when I wear all black I feel like a fashionista, so I get to pretend for a day that I am fashion hahaha.


Anyhow, today is a normal day, just crazy busy. This is the last week of classes and everyone is having rescheduled classes, so I haven’t really had time to rest at all. I have just been going, going, going.

Yesterday was a tough day because it was my last day working at Navegantes, the children’s school I worked at for the past two years. I really thought saying goodbye would be easier and I surprised myself by crying buckets and getting all emotional and sad for the rest of the day. It was special to work with so many awesome people, I was able to learn a lot in a short amunt of time.

There are only 33 more days till the move.. I’m beginning to get anxious because after Saturday (last day of classes) I will be able to start packing and I NEED to start packing so it’s all a little crazy to think about.

Ai yai.. 33 days. That’s bittersweet.


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