The Pinterest Project

About ten days ago I did a pretty serious vascular surgery, which to make a very long story short, involved me being on bed rest until I could walk again….which was a few days actually, much more than I had hoped!
Well, what is a person to do while on bed rest? I started out Netflixing but after two days I had watched all the Blacklist and Drop Dead Diva that a person could take, so I started pinterest…I started off slow, just pinning a few things here and there… Then I got super excited and started pinning like crazy, I had pinned over 300 pins in just a few hours, haha. So I started dividing my pins into smaller albums and trying to make it all more organized.pinterest3

I got really interested in the fashion boards and made several  boards of my own (Winter Wardrobe 2016, Girly Fashion, Workwear, Dressing the Hubs) but while perusing over the boards I just kept thinking-  why don’t I look like that? I started looking and searching through the pics trying to figure out what was wrong and came to the final conclusion that first of all, I need to lose more weight, about three kilos actually, and second of all, My wardrobe was missing basic pieces, things like black pants, white tshirts, pencil skirts, among other things.

The more I looked the more I realized that I was missing a few specific pieces. Then I had the brilliant idea-Why not photograph my entire wardrobe and post it on Pinterest to get a full view of what I have and what is missing?? And that’s what I did! Taking the pictures confirmed my doubts, I definitely did not have basic pieces. So I started comparing what was on my pinterest inspiration boards and my own wardrobe and made a list of what I needed to buy.


My pinterest page of my personal wardrobe- a great way to visualize everything I own!

Another thing that I did was made an album with outfits I had already worn. This might be stupidly vain but once I read that in order for you to know if an outfit actually looks good on you or not you should take a picture and look at the picture, if you like what you see in the picture, then the outfit looks good. However, if you look at the picture and feel that something is off…well then, you need to rethink your outfit. I know, I know, it sounds a little crazy and I may have waaaay too many pictures of myself on my cellphone, but hey, that is what has helped me the most!


On Saturday hubs was in a good mood and let me go shopping so I looked at my list and decided what were the most important things, I chose a black pair of pants and a a white tshirt and a grey tshirt. Since I had my list, I avoided trying on anything that wasn’t on the list because usually when I go shopping it’s like ooooooooh, that’s pretty! I’ll take iT! And therefore I had a bunch of random, non coordinating items of clothing in my closet.

At the moment I am continually pinning things on pinterest and setting up exactly what I need to buy. Slowly but surely I will get things bought. I would love for y’alls opinion on this and any tops y’all could give me!! If anyone would like to take a look, find me on pinterest, my name is Rebecca Smith or username: rebeccalynnreis. Go ahead and take a look!





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