It’s a Blue Week

So lately life has been blue… so many bad things happening in so many places. I have seriously started this week off depressed. I feel depressed, I feel sad, I feel just… down. Ya know what I mean? Everywhere I look there have been awful things happenning and every day when I wake up I hear of something new that has happened that is just…horrific. I honestly don’t think that I can take any more bad news:/

Soooooooo in order to beat the blues, I thought I would focus on some happy things… try to see the positive things happening in our lives!! So, let’s go!


Tired, red, sweaty face after running

1.Started back running on Sundays. Now my goal is to run a full 5k before I have leg surgery in December (t’s a simple surgery, but I can’t run for 15 days:/)

2. This isn’t happening just now, it happens all the time, but seriously… coffee. It is an amazing positive thing in my life and I couldn’t imagine living without it.

3. I had a pool day with my friend Kauana, it was nice to hang out and catch up and even get a little bit of a tan hehe

4.  Our upcoming move. Only 61 more days until we finally move back to the US! We being me and my husband’s first time there haha

5. I got back on the weight loss track and am focusing on healthy eating. I also am in a cooking vibe and have been cooking up a storm on the weekend

6. I can aaaaaaaaaaalmost do a split. Almost. There’s only two fingers between me and my whole body on the ground.

7.Thankgiving is arriving! Almost a week away! I love Thanksgiving!

Aaaaand I believe that is it for now..trying to focus on positive things!! Have a happy Wednesday!