Less Is More?

Well, I had written this post and it was aweaome..but WordPress decided to be a pain and DELETE the WHOLE thing:( so I am a little late in posting. Better late then never.

I am known for finding sales and getting great deals. Usually I get from 50% to 90% off, here in Brazil. I used to pay around 20 to 30 reais for shirts and 40 reais for jeans….but the problem is: they don`t last or they don`t fit right. Usually cheap clothes here in Brazil are of cheap quality and don`t last at all. Most times they are crooked and something just isn`t right with the fit. Well, I have become sick and tired of this. So this year, I took on a different mentality: Less is More.

Last year I would shop the sales at stores like Riachuello, Marisa, and CeA, I would buy what was cheap and I would try on clothes quickly, and if it was ok I would get it. The problem is, I didn`t LOVE the clothes. With my new mentality this yeat, I want higher quality clothes, outfits that I LOVE, not that something that is just ok. I don`t want ok outfits anymore, I want things that make me look and consequently, feel great.


Icky clothes day. Cheap shirt I bought on sale and hadn`t worn in a while. Needless to say, once taken off it was put into the giveaway pile.

For the winter months, I didn`t splurge on quantity. I bought two coats from Zara that I LOVE. I managed to get them on sale so I didn`t pay full price. They fit great and work well with my other clothing.


Zara Jacket

For summer clothes, I usually spend around 200 reais for 8 to 10 shirts…this year I only bought 4 shirts for the same amount, but I only bought what I LOVED and fit perfectly. I ended up finding two great shirts at Riachuello, but I had to try on over 30 shirts to find two that fit my criteria. I was going to hold out for Zara, but then I saw that Basic was having a sale and I know their materials are of great quality so I bought the other two shirts there. So instead of quantity this year, I bought quality.

I have been purging my wardrobe and getting rid of pieces that have an awkward fit or don`t work with my other clothes. I want and NEED a working wardrobe. Pieces that coordinate easily and all fit correctly. I believe that clothing is an expression of the personality and also a form of art. A very fun form of art. I feel much more put together and therefore happier when I put an effort into myself. It is worth the time. It makes me feel better. Be it through exercise, clothing, hair, whatever!

I am trying to take this less is more mindset to my house. Since I am moving I keep thinking Do I really need this or is it just stuff that ONE DAY I MIGHT use? If I don`t use it frequently, consider it gone. I think I have too much STUFF and really, less is more.

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