The Interview with the Girl Who Looks Insanely Like Me, AKA: My Sister!

Today we have a special post on the blog, an interview with my sister Rachel! She is the blogger behind The Flustered Baker. . Today we are hosting a blog exchange to introduce ourselves a little better, so scoot on over to her blog my interview! Now, let`s get to know my amazing sis!

My name is Rachel, and I host “The Flustered Baker.  I am also Brazil Meets America’s big sis. 😉 I grew up in Brazil, and moved to beautiful Portland, OR. While living out here, I met and married my husband. We had a diy wedding, and it was lovely. I bake, cook, and generally make a mess in the kitchen.


1. Tell me of your cooking experience and how you got involved with cooking/baking. Why is baking your passion?
When I was growing, mom always made us help with dinner. I remember peeling potatoes and carrots, or scrubbing then when I was still very young. As we got older my two sisters and I all had to help cook. I enjoyed seeing it turn out from what we had started off with. Those nasty potatoes that left crud on your hands? Mom’s mashed taters. That weird hunk of ground beef? Hamburger night!
I love baking because I can do so much with one bowl. I hate doing dishes,  so the less to clean up, the better!

2. Just for fun, what was the best dish you have ever made and what was the worst?
The best was my English muffins. I’m still astonished at how good they were.
The worst…….I made a vile beef stew. It was tough, under seasoned and tasteless. Might as well as eaten dog food.


3. How did you meet your husband?
Well….he was walking through the church singing at the top of his lungs. Yeah. He does that


4. What was your favorite DIY from your wedding?
My tulle wall. It had twinkle lights and tulle and was awesome.


5. What was it like growing up in Brazil?
Growing up in Brazil was…awesome. The people are very friendly and the food is awesome. The standard of living is much lower, know what? They’re still happy. You don’t need tons of money or stuff to be happy…every persons basic need is a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Outside of that, to learn to be content produces happiness. I miss seeing people who have little be happy. My friends and family in the states have so much….and sometimes that are still not content. It’s just a totally different way of life.

6. How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?
I want to keep my house spotless. Right now it passes as presentable. But seriously,  it needs help.

7. If you could live in another country, where would you live and why?
France. They have croissants.


8. What would your ideal kitchen be like? What would the floor plan and structure be like and also what appliances would be on your “dream list”?
Lots of storage!!!! I hate having stuff on my cabinet, but right now my poor little kitchen is full. I actually have two bookshelves under the bar area (because who is going to put bar stools right behind their dining room chairs? Someone seriously didn’t have their coffee the day they laid out my apartment. Don’t even get me started on the guest bath floor plan.) They hold my extra glass pans, blender, rice cooker, stock pots, etc.
So lots of storage, a gas oven, stainless steel appliances, and a double sink. I also would like a window to look out while I do the dishes. then I could put a little plant in the window and it could grow (or die, whatever works for me). A walk in pantry would be amazing, as would somewhere to hide my small appliances.

9. What are some differences you have seen between Living in Brazil vs, Living in the States?
The food here is so processed! When my diabetic mom came, her blood sugar played games with her the whole time she was here.

10. If you had to choose only 5 ingredients to make dinner, what would you choose and what would the dish be?
Chicken, rice, sos mix, broccoli, water. Boom. Chicken and rice for dinner. Love that stuff.


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