Being Efficient

Yesterday I was finally able to get the ball rolling on my move! Hooray!!


It`s Friday Pic!!!

I ended up not having class at night so I got home and separated all my mom`s stuff that I have accumulated throughout the years. Baking tins, books  odd items…lots of different things. It ended up being three loads to the car. Oopsie.

I ran over to her house and gave her her things and then I gathered some documents I needed. Me being her getting the documents and me just watching hehe. She went ahead and gave me three blue boxes for the move so when I got home I decided to organize my quartinho da bagunça , also known as my walk in closet hehe.

I categorized the boxes three ways: Giveaway, For Sale, and Winter Clothes. My hangers were all full and not quite fitting my summer clothing hung up so I went ahead and put away the winter clothing.

I went through everything and things that I wore and didn`t make me feel great or things that were ill fitting or stained I either put in Giveaway or if it was in good condition, for sale.

I went through my shoes and got rid of old rasteirinhas and that was about it because I love all my heels;)

I went through the linens and seoarated my mother in law`s sheets and also some to give her.

Slowly but surely I am organizing and getting rid of things and packing things.  Maybe I will be ablw to go through kitchen stuff this weekend, we`ll see. Wish me luck!

Does anyone have moving/packing tips for me??


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