Moving Goals

So right about now my head is spinning with a million ideas of things I need to do in order to move.. this is the first time I am moving abroad without my parents, and really Mom, I admire you so much more now! Hhahaa


Happy selfie for the next phase in life!

We have started selling our furniture and have made a savings account for the move, everything we sell will go into the account. Unfortuntely with the horrible dollar exchange we lost A LOT of money and since we are going without jobs, we need a little nest egg to keep us stable for a while.

So anyhow, we are selling everything as of..yesterday! Hehehe


My thoughts on waiting till January to move:(

Let`s get on to the list now, shall we??

September Goals
Start selling furniture
Sell books
Buy plane tickets
Start trying to sell car
Get school transcript translated

October Goals
Have resume written
Have cover letter written

November Goals
Start realtor course
Hold a Yard Sale to sell all little things
Test pack, see how much crap will fit into luggage

December Goals
Hold a second yard sale for leftovers
Move out of apartment
Clean apartment thoroughly
Paint apartment
Rent apartment
Pack up all luggage

As things progress, I will update the list with other things I have thought of.

But now I have a question for you readers, If you were moving countries, what would you take with you and why? I am still at a lost of what I should take.


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