The Cat Is Out of the Bag

As many of you have probably seen on facebook…. “The Cat Is Out of the Bag” and I can finally, finally tell everyone that we are moving back to the States!!


Hubs and I have been working on getting a greencard for a year now and we have finally been approved! Hooray! When I went to the States last year I had an amazing time…when I came back Hubby had the idea of moving back there and so we decided: Let`s move! Now, this was a huge decision to make and took a lot of thought and processing, but we decided it is for the best. We want change and I would like to be near my family for once, so we have decided to move back to Georgia.


Happy face in receiving documents from the states!

The greencard process was definitely the hardest thibg I have ever done in my life. I had never worked with so much documentation, ever. Never ever ever.  But the moment the consulate lady said, `YOU ARE APPROVED!` was the most exhilarating moment I have ever felt! It was incredible to know that finally, after  a year of waiting.. we were approved and able to move! 



We have decided to move in January so we can spend one last Christmas with our parents. We have been doing many Lasts and trying to divide ourselves among the family members haha. We aren`t so stretchable, but we are making it work 😀


Our cool airplane coming back from Rio!

I have been so focused on the greencard part of our move that I haven`t focused on anything else. I have not focused on running nor eating healthily and I need to get back to that!
I have no idea what we will work with in the States, I know we will find something because God will provide, we will make this work. I am so excited for change. I have been stable in Londrina for 8 years and I need a CHANGE it has been 3 years that I have been living in our apartment and I have been itching to move already.


Paperwork arriving in the mail!

In November we will sell everything in our apartment. In December we will pack up and live with someone for a month because we need to paint and rent our house.

I just can`t believe we are moving in less than four months!! This is just AMAZING and I hope time fliiiiiessss by!


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