“Maú Olhado”

I know this is a somewhat  polemic subject, but I just can’t get it out of my mind.

I would first, and foremost, like to say that I am not trying to offend anyone, nor am I giving examples of anyone in particular because I have talked about this subject with EVERYONE, friends, family, students, and everyone has a million examples to give, these are just examples. 

Why on earth do Brazilians believe in Maú Olhado? I mean, seriously? Is this cultural?

Just to explain, maú olhado is,according to the Brazilian dictionary and some other sites, a phrase attributed to people who bring disgrace to others simply by their “evil look”  and are capable of causing harm through sickness, wounds, or even death.

So, in summary, people actually believe that through other people’s looks you can affect someone’s life. Common examples are, someone sees your potted flower that is recently blooming  and comments, “Wow, what a beautiful lily!” but in actuality they are jealous of your plant and thinking how they wished they had it and are jealous that you have it, so the way they are looking is with the “evil look”. Therefore, two days later your plant is all dried up and dead simply because of the “evil look”.

Seriously? I mean, come on. Let’s be grown adults here. Do you really think a jealous intent can dry up your plant? Don’t be ridiculous. There are thousands of factors, the weather could have changed, you could have forgotten to water it, there could have been a bacteria growing in your plant that killed it, a million things could have killed it, but an evil look? No, it could not.

Another scenario, people travel to a really awesome place and post pictures of some really cool stuff and on the  ride home they start feeling really sick and return sick. The people believe that the sickness was caused because other people with the “evil look” saw the pictures and because of this they are sick.

You guys, it is impossible for someone to look at a picture and make you sick. Even if they are jealous, they could not possibly make you sick. I hear comments about the “mau olhado” all the time.

STOP BEING SUPERSTITITIOUS!!  I think that if you believe in the maú olhado, you do not believe in God. Some people have the courage to say that because they are Christians, the mau olhado does not affect them. Be REAL. The “evil look/mau olhado” does not affect anyone because it does not exist! There are always factors behind things that happens, the plants die because you didn’t water them, you get sick because you were in a different place and didn’t follow your usual habits and there was a bug going around, your car dies because you haven’t changed the oil in like, 5 years. These things don’t happen just because someone is giving the frigging “evil look” because they are jealous!!

If that were so, I would not be married, I would not have a house, nor a successful job, nor a car because of all the friggin “mau olhados/ evil looks” the people have given me. I feel the look people give me, I know the way they look at me sometimes, I know when people are jealous or have evil intent, but I also know that they way they look at me can not possibly affect my life!

My cake doesn’t burn because someone is jealous I am making a three tier cake, my cake burns because I was occupied skyping to my sister or checking my facebook feed. My lamp doesn’t stop working because someone is jealous I bought it for half price, my car doesn’t start stalling because someone wants my car, things happen for external factors, not because of LOOKS!

If you believe that “mau olhado” can control the bad things that happen to you, then you are not trusting in God. You are believing that what other people do can affect your happiness. DON’T do this. Trust in God. Stop being superstitious. Be happy!


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