Day Four

Today was harder than yesterday. I felt hungry the whole stinking day and was in a bad mood for a bit, haha. Oh well.

I woke up and had a lovely breakfast with my hubby, man oh man, I love vacation!!


We had 3 ingredient banana pancakes along with some coffee. The pancakes are a little black because bananas darken, I promise it wasn`t burnt! Hahahaha

For lunch I had lunch at my mother in law`s. I had chicken, beans, legumes, and salad. It was all amazing but my stomach was a little queesy so I did not eat that much salad.
I spent the whole afternoon running errands downtown with the hubby. I finally bought why protein hooray! So when I got home, tired and starving, I had half a serving of whey. I also had 3 alfarrobas because I was downtown and hungry and got a little stressed. Sigh. Oh well.

Dinner was looooots of raw salad to fill my grumbling stomach, along with 120 grams of meat.


I did not go to the gym today because I had so many things to do and was so tired from walking in the sun all day. But tomorrow morning bright and early I will be there.

Around 9 oclock I was dying of hunger again, so I had my late night lactose free yogurt. Ai yai yai…only 26 more days to see the results! On Wednesday I will travel, so I need to doubly watch out for what I eat. I believe I will do like I did when I was a teen and take carrota and celery to snack on in the car and out and about with me. Basically, calorie free option for the munchies!

Anyhow, tomorrow is a new day so let`s get some sleep for it to get here soon!


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