Day Three

Surprisingly, today was an easier day than I thought it would be. I have not  bought Whey yet, and I can`t seem to swallow down egg whites, so I did not do the morning snack.

This morning I woke up and had breakfast of oatmeal made with oat bran, lactose free milk and cinnamon, no sugar, no sweetner, no nada….but getting used to it, or so I believe.



I had some amaaaazing coffee, my mom brought back Vanilla Biscotti coffee and it was amaziiiiing.

This morning I went running again, I will not say it was easier than the other times, it was about the same level of difficulty. I have been having trouble breathing while running and I probably need some kind of exercise for breathing. My problem is not feeling burn or anything in my legs, it is having the strength to breathe! I have not been able to up the distance because I cannot breathe. I keep running 400 and walking 200 and I am not sure how to change it. If I can start running, in November there is an awesome 5k night run that I am dying to go to. Seriously, it would be amazing! So I need to focus and prepare!


Bonhoeffer, my chubby buddy, doing Pilates!

For lunch, I went to a barbecue with my hubby and friends. I had salad and meat, more meat than what was planned, but I had no morning snack or afternoon snack. For lunch I also did not have any kind of carbs, so that`s ok.

At night I went to my sister in laws house and had salad and 100 grams of meat.

So today was a sucessfull day foodwise.and I did not feel like I was suffering or missing out on anything. Hooray!


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