Day One and Two

Yesterday was the first day eating correctly on the new diet. It was also my cheat day because I had been waiting for it for a week hahaha.

My day started off really lazy because I had to stay at home in the morning. Yesterday I did not have to work in the morning, so I do what Beccas do best and slept until late:) When I woke up, I was pretty hungry so I had oatmeal made wirh 2 tablespoons oat bran and 1 cup lactose free milk. I still have not bought Stevia,.so I ate it just with Cinnamon. It wasn`t the best tasting thing ever, biut I need to get used to eating things without sweetners.



Afterwards, I had a cup of orange juice because I was still a little hungry and I haven`t bought Whey yet.


For lunch I couldn`t have carbs because I wasn`t able to work out, so I had salad with tomatoes, green beans, carrots, turnips, and meat, all measured according to what the nutrionist told me to eat!


For my afternoon snack I had a banana with natural, sugar free peanut butter.


Dinner was my cheat meal and goodness, it was great to eat yummy food! I had pizza, ice cream with caramel topping, and paçoca. My oh my it was spectacular. I also had hot chocolate because it was freezing.cold.

So today I woke up full from yesterday. I had coffee all morning because Mom got back from the states and brought me flavored coffee! Hooray!!

For lunch, snack, whatever I had two egg whites, naaaaaasty, but ok. I need to buy whey.

In the afternoon I had a banana with natural unsweetened PB.

Dinner will be in a few hours and I will have salad with 120 grams of meat and that is it.

I forgot to take pics of food,  because it was really uninteresting.

On the bright and more interesting sode, mommy got home from the states and brought me some things, hooray! The most interesting of them being this:


Omega3 (which I take everyday and is outrageously expensive here), Collagen (started takin today to see if it helps Cellulite, but I was super surprised because it`s 6 capsules a day! Is that normal??) And also, anti cellulite cream because I am tryyyyyiiiiiing to combat cellulite. Which is also why I took out artificial sweetners. So let`s see if in two months we see a difference!

Anyhow  that is what I have been eating/doing. I am finally on vacation and am going to travel to Curitiba and am super excited about that!! Hooray! Besides food, I have been reading up on fat burning tips/blogs online and coloring in my antistress coloring book hehe. I know it may seem crazy I am posting all about my diet online for all to see, but I need some kind of motivation, something to keep me going to not give up on this crazy idea of being, skinny, healthy and beautiful all at the same time hahaha


Going to the store look hahaha

Well, I hope all of you have a good weekend!! See ya tomorrow!

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