Discouraged, but Focused


Today I woke up thinking, “What a day, what a lovely day!!”  I was all happy and super excited and had an amazing morning, it was fun!

Then this afternoon I went to my amazing nutritionist (seriously, she`s amazing!!) and got a check up. The results? Two months killing myself at the gym and NADA. Nada, Nada, Nothing.

I was seriously a little shocked and definitely dissapointed. I understand that the past month I have not been so faithful to my eating, I have not been eating word per word what was on my diet plan and apparently I had been eating way too many crepiocas. So, I have not gained weight or body fat, but after two months I have not lost body fat either.

After talking with my nutritionist, we changed my eating plan and I am resolved to follow the diet plan completely. I will faithfully eat only what is on the plan and be totally focused for 30 days until the next weigh in. Like when you are running the last 500 meters in a run and you give it all you got because you are focused on the end result. I need that sensation of the last 200 meters or a run where you push yourself at your hardest until you arrive. That is how these 30 days will be.

So after talking with the nutrionist, I have my focus on food (or lack of it) but I also have been thinking to myself.. if lifting weights and doing zoomba and intercalating running has not made a change in body fat, then something is wrong. I really feel like weight lifting is not doing anything for me. Like nothing..I try my hardest and there are instructors at the gym, but they are not very helpful when it comes to doubts, it is basically generic. Also, weight lifting builds body mass, but I want to lose inches and lose body fat, not make anything bigger, just smaller. So it does not even make sense to weight lift. I did not even lose a single centimeter in my arms and I do arm exercises three times a week.

I really think that now I should focus on running and aerobic exercise, if I want to lose body fat and inches I need to focus on that. So I am going to change things up for 30 days and see if I see a difference. I will do just aerobic exercise (at least 40 minutes every day) and leave my ab exercises in. Forget arm and leg exercises which have not affected nada. If I see a change in 30 days then I know that I am on the right path.

So yeah, that is me now… discouraged, but really focused all at the same time. Any advice on what I should do? Anyone?

4 comentários sobre “Discouraged, but Focused

  1. tropicalsmog disse:

    I feel compelled to comment because I feel like you’re veering into an eating disorder. Obviously I don’t know you and can’t make a diagnosis, but as someone who’s struggled with it before, your posts set off warning bells. Please be kind to yourself and don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t lost the “right” amount of weight or body fat, or if you eat foods outside your meal plan. I say this as someone who has also been deeply unhappy with how they look in the mirror and feel in their clothes. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself, not to punish yourself. Take care.

    • brazilmeetsamerica disse:

      Tropical Smog , I appreciate and understand your concern and even thank you for caring, but really there is nothing to worry about. I use this blog as an outlet for my frustration and as a way to stay focused. Keeping myself focused and motivated is the hardest thing ever in the circle of life I am in haha. So sometimes I just use this as an outlet of my frustration and a place to let it out! But I assure you, I am doing my best to be healthy and care for my health and am being accompanied by nutritionist and doctors! So mostly everything I am doing is doctor approved! Haha

  2. Amanda disse:

    I have been on a weight loss journey for years now. It is difficult. It is frustrating. And it is ridiculous at time. I know that I could eat less, and I work on it, but I also run for an hour and weight lift. I feel like I need to chime in on the not losing weight thing. Last September when I was in the States I weighed myself on a scale for the first time since the previous September. I dont have a scale at home and have never focused on numbers. Now, whatever that number was, okay. Just one month ago I weighed myself at this hotel we were staying in whos gym had a scale. That number had not changed in the ten months that I had gone without weighing myself. The only difference is that I could tell a change in my body had happened. My clothes were looser and you could tell by looking at certain parts of my body that I had gained muscle and lost fat. I knew this because I started HIIT and upped my weightlifting. The thing is, if you incorporated weights into your schedule, muscle weighs more than fat, so you may not see a number change on the scale. But that doesnt mean your body isnt changing. Also, you lose fat from around your organs first, you can see that change, but it is there. The point is, sometimes, you have to do what works for your body, and nutritionists are not always going to be right. If you see a change by not weightlifting, fine, but you it also can be very helpful in weight loss.

    • brazilmeetsamerica disse:

      Hey Amanda!! Thankyou for your tip!! I am going to try for 30 days no weightlifting and focus on the fat percentage. I have been in weight loss mode for 6 months now..which for me is a lot, because I think my max has been 3 months and I would gain the weight back. So this really has been a change of lifestyle, and not just a diet! Having a nutritionist helps me be accountable to someone! If in 30 days I see it does not wotk, then I will change methods again!

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