Sunday Outfit!

Queen Shoes Sale- always

Queen Shoes Sale- always

This week I decided to buy a pair of black flats to wear to work. Unfortunately, when I got to the store, after having tried on all the black flats I could find, I came to the conclusion that black flats look like house slippers on me, and therefore I wouldn’t buy any. I don’t know.. I kept trying on different pairs, but they all looked weird, like it was a pair of glorified flip-flops or something. I just, couldn’t. But then I remembed a pair of black heels that I own and wear all the time, they have a thicker heel and aren’t so high, but they look nice and aren’t so attention calling that I can’t wear them on the bus. So I decided to buy another pair similar because I know that I will get a lot of wear out of them.

When I got to the store, they were having their winter sale, so I ended up buying three pairs because I would get a 50% discount, all three pairs above were 290 reais total, less than 100 reais each, totally worth it! I bought a pair of short boots to wear on super cold days ( I tried on a million pair of long boots, but I think they just don’t look good on chubby people unless you wear leggings, but I am not wearing leggings to work. A friend of mine pointed out that I could wear a long shirt over the leggings, but that would just look weird, especially since when you wear boots you are wearing a coat, so just, no.)  I also bought a pait of blue flats, they are a varnish material ( whatever that means) and have pointy toes, so they look great to wear out when I have a lot of walking to do, or to wear at home since I cannot wear heels at home because I live in an apartment!

Suit Top- Zara. Scarf- Riachuello, gifted. Jeans- Looper.

Suit Top- Zara. Scarf- Riachuello, gifted. Jeans- Looper.

Please don’t mind my dirty mirror and the unorganized room in the picture above, haha. I believe in looking your best everywhere you go or everywhere you are. I hate not being all prettied up, even if I am at home. I like looking and feeling beautiful, even on weekends! Today I had lunch at the mall with my husband and daddy, so I tried to choose something practical and warm! I ended up wearing jeans, blue flats, red suit top from Zara and a blue scarf. Red, White, and Blue for the 4th of July- a day late! hahahahha


As I mentioned in my last post, I have been working on organizing my wardrobe and building a better wardrobe. I also mentioned that I had a lot of black clothes, the picture above proves it hehehhee. I love black, it’s slimming, it looks great with skin, it doesn’t get dirty- it’s perfect! I also love white…buuuuuut, white gets dirty easily so it’s not always a practical go-to-piece.

My side of the "wardrobe"

My side of the “wardrobe”

And just in case anyone is wondering, that is the most part of my wardrobe, the rest are dresses that are hanging up on a longer space. I need to take more updated pictures of my “walk in closet” that isn’t finished and since I am moving, will never be finished lol. I am NOT fixing up my house if I am  going to move 😀

Well, anyhow. That was my look for today in my never ended quest to look nice. Or, according to my sister Rachel, “How not to be  a Frumpy Wife” hehehe. Hope you all have a good Sunday!


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