Day Four

Today was harder than yesterday. I felt hungry the whole stinking day and was in a bad mood for a bit, haha. Oh well.

I woke up and had a lovely breakfast with my hubby, man oh man, I love vacation!!


We had 3 ingredient banana pancakes along with some coffee. The pancakes are a little black because bananas darken, I promise it wasn`t burnt! Hahahaha

For lunch I had lunch at my mother in law`s. I had chicken, beans, legumes, and salad. It was all amazing but my stomach was a little queesy so I did not eat that much salad.
I spent the whole afternoon running errands downtown with the hubby. I finally bought why protein hooray! So when I got home, tired and starving, I had half a serving of whey. I also had 3 alfarrobas because I was downtown and hungry and got a little stressed. Sigh. Oh well.

Dinner was looooots of raw salad to fill my grumbling stomach, along with 120 grams of meat.


I did not go to the gym today because I had so many things to do and was so tired from walking in the sun all day. But tomorrow morning bright and early I will be there.

Around 9 oclock I was dying of hunger again, so I had my late night lactose free yogurt. Ai yai yai…only 26 more days to see the results! On Wednesday I will travel, so I need to doubly watch out for what I eat. I believe I will do like I did when I was a teen and take carrota and celery to snack on in the car and out and about with me. Basically, calorie free option for the munchies!

Anyhow, tomorrow is a new day so let`s get some sleep for it to get here soon!


Day Three

Surprisingly, today was an easier day than I thought it would be. I have not  bought Whey yet, and I can`t seem to swallow down egg whites, so I did not do the morning snack.

This morning I woke up and had breakfast of oatmeal made with oat bran, lactose free milk and cinnamon, no sugar, no sweetner, no nada….but getting used to it, or so I believe.



I had some amaaaazing coffee, my mom brought back Vanilla Biscotti coffee and it was amaziiiiing.

This morning I went running again, I will not say it was easier than the other times, it was about the same level of difficulty. I have been having trouble breathing while running and I probably need some kind of exercise for breathing. My problem is not feeling burn or anything in my legs, it is having the strength to breathe! I have not been able to up the distance because I cannot breathe. I keep running 400 and walking 200 and I am not sure how to change it. If I can start running, in November there is an awesome 5k night run that I am dying to go to. Seriously, it would be amazing! So I need to focus and prepare!


Bonhoeffer, my chubby buddy, doing Pilates!

For lunch, I went to a barbecue with my hubby and friends. I had salad and meat, more meat than what was planned, but I had no morning snack or afternoon snack. For lunch I also did not have any kind of carbs, so that`s ok.

At night I went to my sister in laws house and had salad and 100 grams of meat.

So today was a sucessfull day foodwise.and I did not feel like I was suffering or missing out on anything. Hooray!

Day One and Two

Yesterday was the first day eating correctly on the new diet. It was also my cheat day because I had been waiting for it for a week hahaha.

My day started off really lazy because I had to stay at home in the morning. Yesterday I did not have to work in the morning, so I do what Beccas do best and slept until late:) When I woke up, I was pretty hungry so I had oatmeal made wirh 2 tablespoons oat bran and 1 cup lactose free milk. I still have not bought Stevia,.so I ate it just with Cinnamon. It wasn`t the best tasting thing ever, biut I need to get used to eating things without sweetners.



Afterwards, I had a cup of orange juice because I was still a little hungry and I haven`t bought Whey yet.


For lunch I couldn`t have carbs because I wasn`t able to work out, so I had salad with tomatoes, green beans, carrots, turnips, and meat, all measured according to what the nutrionist told me to eat!


For my afternoon snack I had a banana with natural, sugar free peanut butter.


Dinner was my cheat meal and goodness, it was great to eat yummy food! I had pizza, ice cream with caramel topping, and paçoca. My oh my it was spectacular. I also had hot chocolate because it was freezing.cold.

So today I woke up full from yesterday. I had coffee all morning because Mom got back from the states and brought me flavored coffee! Hooray!!

For lunch, snack, whatever I had two egg whites, naaaaaasty, but ok. I need to buy whey.

In the afternoon I had a banana with natural unsweetened PB.

Dinner will be in a few hours and I will have salad with 120 grams of meat and that is it.

I forgot to take pics of food,  because it was really uninteresting.

On the bright and more interesting sode, mommy got home from the states and brought me some things, hooray! The most interesting of them being this:


Omega3 (which I take everyday and is outrageously expensive here), Collagen (started takin today to see if it helps Cellulite, but I was super surprised because it`s 6 capsules a day! Is that normal??) And also, anti cellulite cream because I am tryyyyyiiiiiing to combat cellulite. Which is also why I took out artificial sweetners. So let`s see if in two months we see a difference!

Anyhow  that is what I have been eating/doing. I am finally on vacation and am going to travel to Curitiba and am super excited about that!! Hooray! Besides food, I have been reading up on fat burning tips/blogs online and coloring in my antistress coloring book hehe. I know it may seem crazy I am posting all about my diet online for all to see, but I need some kind of motivation, something to keep me going to not give up on this crazy idea of being, skinny, healthy and beautiful all at the same time hahaha


Going to the store look hahaha

Well, I hope all of you have a good weekend!! See ya tomorrow!

Discouraged, but Focused


Today I woke up thinking, “What a day, what a lovely day!!”  I was all happy and super excited and had an amazing morning, it was fun!

Then this afternoon I went to my amazing nutritionist (seriously, she`s amazing!!) and got a check up. The results? Two months killing myself at the gym and NADA. Nada, Nada, Nothing.

I was seriously a little shocked and definitely dissapointed. I understand that the past month I have not been so faithful to my eating, I have not been eating word per word what was on my diet plan and apparently I had been eating way too many crepiocas. So, I have not gained weight or body fat, but after two months I have not lost body fat either.

After talking with my nutritionist, we changed my eating plan and I am resolved to follow the diet plan completely. I will faithfully eat only what is on the plan and be totally focused for 30 days until the next weigh in. Like when you are running the last 500 meters in a run and you give it all you got because you are focused on the end result. I need that sensation of the last 200 meters or a run where you push yourself at your hardest until you arrive. That is how these 30 days will be.

So after talking with the nutrionist, I have my focus on food (or lack of it) but I also have been thinking to myself.. if lifting weights and doing zoomba and intercalating running has not made a change in body fat, then something is wrong. I really feel like weight lifting is not doing anything for me. Like nothing..I try my hardest and there are instructors at the gym, but they are not very helpful when it comes to doubts, it is basically generic. Also, weight lifting builds body mass, but I want to lose inches and lose body fat, not make anything bigger, just smaller. So it does not even make sense to weight lift. I did not even lose a single centimeter in my arms and I do arm exercises three times a week.

I really think that now I should focus on running and aerobic exercise, if I want to lose body fat and inches I need to focus on that. So I am going to change things up for 30 days and see if I see a difference. I will do just aerobic exercise (at least 40 minutes every day) and leave my ab exercises in. Forget arm and leg exercises which have not affected nada. If I see a change in 30 days then I know that I am on the right path.

So yeah, that is me now… discouraged, but really focused all at the same time. Any advice on what I should do? Anyone?

Thoughts on Weight Loss and Motivation


This week I was looking through some pictures and ran across this picture. It has been cropped to cut out the kids in the picture, I was making cookies with them at school.  I was flipping quickly through pictures and passed this one and just.. froze.


That was me? A year ago? How could I not have noticed? I swear I didn’t notice that I had gotten that fat. I couldn’ t believe it.

I never want to be fat again. I never want to look like that again, that is not me. Fat is not me. I don’t care what the heck is happening in my life, I want to focus on health and being healthy and not.. that. WHatever that was. It was horrible. I can’t believe I looked like that.

January to July Progress Pic

January to July Progress Pic

I have goals for this second half of the year. I want abs. I want smaller, toned arms. I want a lower body fat percentage. I will achieve these goals and I will because I know what I am capable of. I may be obsessive in taking pictures and perhaps even posting them, but it is something that motivates me. I have been on weight loss track for 6 months now, staying motivated is hard, but I will do what it takes.

I have been surrounded by friends and family cheering me on for my weight loss. I thank all of you for it. Alexandre, I thank you for cheering me on, daily. For fighting with me when I want a cheat meal when I already had one, for going to the supermarket numerous times, looking for healthy foods and picking up things even if I forgot to ask, thank you for being my rock. Isabele, you have been spectacular. You have motivated me in food and eating healthy and making great choices, you have introduced me to our awesome nutritionist, Larissa, who is just spectacular! Dayvid, dragging me out of my warm house to run, pushing me to run more, harder until I feel like I am going to pass out or die, but I do it. And I survive, and it’s just the motivation I need.Thank you. Mom, you’ve lended me clothes, you’ve worried about what eat at your house, thank you so much for caring. All of you guys, thank you so much! You guys have no idea how much motivation you have given me, and I thank you for it, because really, sometimes it gets tough, but you guys are there. Y’all are amazing!!

Sunday Outfit!

Queen Shoes Sale- always

Queen Shoes Sale- always

This week I decided to buy a pair of black flats to wear to work. Unfortunately, when I got to the store, after having tried on all the black flats I could find, I came to the conclusion that black flats look like house slippers on me, and therefore I wouldn’t buy any. I don’t know.. I kept trying on different pairs, but they all looked weird, like it was a pair of glorified flip-flops or something. I just, couldn’t. But then I remembed a pair of black heels that I own and wear all the time, they have a thicker heel and aren’t so high, but they look nice and aren’t so attention calling that I can’t wear them on the bus. So I decided to buy another pair similar because I know that I will get a lot of wear out of them.

When I got to the store, they were having their winter sale, so I ended up buying three pairs because I would get a 50% discount, all three pairs above were 290 reais total, less than 100 reais each, totally worth it! I bought a pair of short boots to wear on super cold days ( I tried on a million pair of long boots, but I think they just don’t look good on chubby people unless you wear leggings, but I am not wearing leggings to work. A friend of mine pointed out that I could wear a long shirt over the leggings, but that would just look weird, especially since when you wear boots you are wearing a coat, so just, no.)  I also bought a pait of blue flats, they are a varnish material ( whatever that means) and have pointy toes, so they look great to wear out when I have a lot of walking to do, or to wear at home since I cannot wear heels at home because I live in an apartment!

Suit Top- Zara. Scarf- Riachuello, gifted. Jeans- Looper.

Suit Top- Zara. Scarf- Riachuello, gifted. Jeans- Looper.

Please don’t mind my dirty mirror and the unorganized room in the picture above, haha. I believe in looking your best everywhere you go or everywhere you are. I hate not being all prettied up, even if I am at home. I like looking and feeling beautiful, even on weekends! Today I had lunch at the mall with my husband and daddy, so I tried to choose something practical and warm! I ended up wearing jeans, blue flats, red suit top from Zara and a blue scarf. Red, White, and Blue for the 4th of July- a day late! hahahahha


As I mentioned in my last post, I have been working on organizing my wardrobe and building a better wardrobe. I also mentioned that I had a lot of black clothes, the picture above proves it hehehhee. I love black, it’s slimming, it looks great with skin, it doesn’t get dirty- it’s perfect! I also love white…buuuuuut, white gets dirty easily so it’s not always a practical go-to-piece.

My side of the "wardrobe"

My side of the “wardrobe”

And just in case anyone is wondering, that is the most part of my wardrobe, the rest are dresses that are hanging up on a longer space. I need to take more updated pictures of my “walk in closet” that isn’t finished and since I am moving, will never be finished lol. I am NOT fixing up my house if I am  going to move 😀

Well, anyhow. That was my look for today in my never ended quest to look nice. Or, according to my sister Rachel, “How not to be  a Frumpy Wife” hehehe. Hope you all have a good Sunday!

Building My Wardrobe

Since I have lost weight, I have been working on building up my wardrobe. I always tend to buy cheap pieces that I think I will wear, of all crazy types of styles, ecletic, basically. The problem is…I never end up wearing all these clothes, so I have started selling all the clothes that I don`t really wear. My criteria is, If I don`t feel spectacular in it, then sell it. I only want to own clothes that make me feel amazing, so I have been sorting and going through my clothes to only have clothes that I love and make me look great. I have stopped buying clothes just because they are cheap. I am only buying clothes that I LOVE. I am trying to establish myself as a person  and I know I can do this through my wardrobe.


Cute, new outfit that just makes me feel good-lookin’! haha Jacket- Zara. Dress- old,Marisa. Shoes-Queen shoes.

Recently I went through a personal crisis and was wearing some.really weird stuff, but thankfully that phase has passed and I am back to my normal, classic self haha. I really like to wear suit tops and jeans. I have a small (enormous) shoe addiction, specifically heels.  I don`t care too much about purses, I have one I always wear and two small ones for when I don`t feel like carrying anything. My dream is to have a suit top with a matching pair of heels for every color that exists hahaha.  But in reality, I love black and probably have way too much black. Although, having a lot of black is good because all my shoes and outfits are easy to match haha.

My show collection in the making, their are shoes crammed in their in two rows for each shelf..

My shoe collection in the making, their are shoes crammed in their in two rows for each shelf..

I am getting back into wearing all my suit tops, but now I am going to invest in slimming tops to go underneath the suit tops and give a more feminine look. I would prefer something that is not spaghetti straps because I love wearing a normal bra with straps on it. Yesterday I went to Zara and found a cute top on sale for 30 reais.. but it was only one because apparently the price was marked wrong on it, it was actually 40 but the store did that top for 20.. If it were 20 I would have bought a couple of other colors, but for 40 I can wait it out a bit.

Cute top and blazer from Zara. Blazer is old, top is new:)

Cute top and blazer from Zara. Blazer is old, top is new:)

I also have to admit that I may have a Zara addiction. I love many things in the store and could walk out with bags and bags full of stuff. Since I have lost weight, I have been buying their Extra Smalls, they fit a lot better than the smalls, especially for jackets.

Some of the clothes I sold that didn't fit right

Some of the clothes I sold that didn’t fit right

Nowadays I am focusing on buying less and buying specific things, things that I won’t doubt that I will wear. Only things I try on in the store and absolutely love. If not I will wear it for six months and never wear it again, but I want to have a long lasting wardrobe, so I will invest more moolah for items that I like more.

Hello, Alaska! WInter coat from Zara to face all his Brazilian cold!!

Hello, Alaska! WInter coat from Zara to face all his Brazilian cold!!

Slowly I will start to talk more about this subject on my blog… I will have to divide it into sections to be able to explain everything that goes on in my head, but this was just the first general introduction!

Do any of you have tips for building a better wardrobe??

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