What a day! What a lovely Sunday!

I don’t think that I have ever had such an eventful Sunday like today! I woke up early to running with my friend, I did this last week too.. but this week our time was much better! I feel really bad for him because I probably slow him down, but we ran 4.8 km in less than 40 minutes. We always forget to time it, so next time I will have to pay more attention to time.

During the week my goal is to practice my running.. I would like to run 4.8 km  three times a week at the gym and once on weekends. So, let’s see if I get accomplish that goal this week!


Post run selfie!

I had lunch at my in-law’s house because they were celebrating their 35th anniversary and my brother in law’s 33rd birthday. Cute.

Afterwards I had a free pilates class because my friend decided to give us one and it was SO MUCH FUN, I loved it! It was the first time I had ever done pilates with machines, but it was awesome!


Goofing around with pilates poses!

When I got home my husband decided we needed to walk the fur babies, so we went on ahead and took them for a walk, after that I cleaned the house, gave the dogs a bath and blow dried them  and took a shower and gave myself a pedicure:)


I feel like today was a good day. It started off the right way and everything I did today involved exercise but it was so much fun. It felt so invigorated. I like going to the gym but I don’t feel as invigorated as I do when I do exercise outside. I know exercising outside is not something that can be done every day,but when I have the chance I think it is amazingly fun!

Well, I need to get going becase today I can finally go to bed early, so good night to all and I wish you all a happy Monday!


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