23 things to do in my 23rd Year

I was supposed to post this on my birthday, but actually, I forgot to post it on here and only posted it on facebook. Little by little  I will update this post as I complete the things I have been doing!

So this is it… I am now closer to 25 then to 20.. my 20’s are slowly beginning to leave OMG. I can’t even fathom the idea.. it’s… insane. I know I am exaggerating just a little but I feel as if my youth is leaving and I haven’t really done anything.

A couple of months ago I started thinking about things I want to do with my life and decided that this year I would make a list of 23 things to do in my 23rd year. So…let’s go!

  1. Act my age. I am 23 years old. I honestly act like I am 35. For the past six months I have been working on this one, but is definitely a work in progress. I have been working with adults since I was 15, so I kinda skipped a part of my youth, it doesn’t mean that my youth Is gone… it’s there all right, I just haven’t taken advantage of it… and now I will!

2. Get a tattoo.  I always say… one day I want to get a tattoo and I know exactly which one I want. I just need to save up money and get around to it.

  3. Take better care of my skin. The sooner I start taking care of my face, the longer preserved it will be! I need to remember to ALWAYS use sunscreen, especially on my body because that is where I forget the most, I rarely remember to use sunscreen on my body and this Brazilian sun is killing it!

 4. Move.  Everyone knows my husband and I are trying to go to the States, for my going BACK, but for him going. I just want to move soon. Hopefully in my 23rd year, but this one is out of my hands.

 5. Lose 8 more kilos. I have already lost 8 kilos… however I have 8 more kilos I would like to lose to be smoking hot! The secret will be keeping it off.. that is where I have the most difficulty. I have joined a gym though, and I am now going to a nutritionist who is doing amazingly crazy portion control with me.

 6. Do a radical sport. This one is a toughie… I would LOVE to do a radical sport while at the same time I am TERRIFIED of doing it. This year I am going to get the guts to do it though!

 7. Find more me time. In 2014 I spent too much time working, and forgot about ME. I gained weight, I was overly stressed, I had way too many activities. This year I want to concentrate on spending time with myself and getting to know my inner self better.  I have started pilates and would LOVE to start yoga to have some ME thinking time.

8. Read 23 books. I have always been an avid reader, but I have lost the habit due to not having easy acess to books. This year, however, I will go out of my way to get some books!

1- 50 Shades Darker

2- The Last Queen of Sheeba

9. Continue avoiding medicine. I stopped taking hormones and anything related last year, this year I am focusing on not taking painkillers for things like headaches and muscle pain. When I really am in pain I have some chamomile tea to relax the muscles and that usually does the trick.

10.  Build a good wardrobe.  I have the habit of buying cheap clothes, and then not liking them later. So this year I will focus on buying fewer things, but higher quality things. I have some clothes I bought three years that I paid a mini fortune for, but they have lasted until now and look brand new. So I believe that instead of buying “cheap” clothes from big stores with low quality, I will buy better quality clothes, even if they are a higher price, but I will just buy less.

11. Teach more . I am now becoming more and more an adult (yikes) and I know that as an adult we need to teach younger people. I am not talking about teaching English, I have done that for 8 years. I am talking about spiritual life, or things I have learned over time

12.  Eat caviar. It looks horrible, but people seem to rave about it all the time, so it is something that I would like to try just to see what it is all about.

13. Go back to my natural hair. I have been straightening my hair ever since I was 14.. that is 9 years:O OMG, haha Now I would like to get my wavy/curly hair back, it is going to be a long process, but it will be worthwhile.

14. Not drink soda or boxed juices . I haven’t drunk soda or boxed juices for a while now, a couple of months, I intend to keep it that way for the next year.

15. Get my third piercing. I have wanted my third earring for a couple of years now, but I never seem to be able to get around to getting it done    COMPLETED MAY/2015

16. Go camping. The last time that I went camping, I was 13 and it was with my Grandpa. I would love to go again during this next year

17. Go to Rio. I am dying to visit the Christ again and walk along Copacabana beach and have coffee by the shore.

18. Have flat abs. Ok, ok, ok, I know. Super vain on this one, but a girl’s gotta have goals, right? During the next year I would like to achieve and maintain, flat abs. Laugh all you want.

19. Say what I really think. I am actually not that bad on this one, but it could be better. Sometimes I am not as sincere as I should be.

20. Go to a music show. I have never been to one. I have no idea what all the fuss is about. I would like to know

21. Save more money. I need to focus on saving, having more money for a rainy day. You never know what life brings.

22. Enjoy life. Sometimes I just get so caught up in things that I just don’t ENJOY life, That is what I need to do this year, enjoy all the little moments and everything that comes with it!

23. Drink 10 new kinds of coffee. Ok, Everyone knows I am a coffee addict, I know, I know. I love coffee. But I would also like to try ten new kinds of coffee:D 

1. Mogiana

So this is my list, these are my goals. And why am I making them public? To hold myself accountable to making these goals happen!


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