Getting it Done

Well, I finally got back down to 59 kilos, hooray! Now comes the hard part where I have never been….keeping them off and losing more and going lower. I think that now I am thinner than when I got married…so thats good news!

Post Workout!

Post Workout!

The only thing is that I am starting to feel weak. Which sucks. Hopefully My body will get used to it soon. I lowered My food intake and went back to not eating at right. I came to the conclusion. Either I am happy and eat, or I am pretty and thin, but both definitely dont walk hand in hand. Sigh, what a sad realization to make.

Birthday Dress!

Birthday Dress!

Thankfully My husband is being super supportive. I dont know what I would do without his help. Hes the best!

My guy! Love him!

My guy! Love him!

Well, I need to get going. Hope everyone has a good week!


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