Life Lately


Life has been crazy lately. My birthday has come and gone…I didn`t reach my goal weight of 58 kilos  but I had reached 59. This month I had a major freak out because I did not get my period and I do not want babies at this point in my life. Good grief, I am too young and have so much to do and see and I am still not convinced I even WANT to have kids. I would really live to adopt, I am not to keen on bringing a child into the world. So anyhow, after a month of waiting for my period to come and NADA I set up a gyno appointment. The night before my appointment, I got my period a month late and had to reschedule. I honestky think I did not get it because it was coincidently the month I started gym and changed my diet, however , I am still going to the doctor to see what was up.


Anyhow, now I am trying to set more tangible goals. Since I finally got my period, weight loss should go better. I want to get down to.58 kilos, 30 days from now. We are on June 6th, so by July 6th I am going to be 58 kilos. I have put down this goal many times, but this time I mean it for real. I must get down to it,  must see my weight lowering again.


I threw out my back on Tuesday, so I have not been to the gym since Tuesday, I have been waiting out tgmhe pain to pass and each day it gets a little better. Hopefully by Monday I will be amazing!

My birthday was spectacular! I had all my favorite foods and celebrated with the people I love, even my sister was able to come down for my bday!!


It was a.lot of fun. All right, I need to get going because I need to start my day, but I hope you all have a great day!


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