What a day! What a lovely Sunday!

I don’t think that I have ever had such an eventful Sunday like today! I woke up early to running with my friend, I did this last week too.. but this week our time was much better! I feel really bad for him because I probably slow him down, but we ran 4.8 km in less than 40 minutes. We always forget to time it, so next time I will have to pay more attention to time.

During the week my goal is to practice my running.. I would like to run 4.8 km  three times a week at the gym and once on weekends. So, let’s see if I get accomplish that goal this week!


Post run selfie!

I had lunch at my in-law’s house because they were celebrating their 35th anniversary and my brother in law’s 33rd birthday. Cute.

Afterwards I had a free pilates class because my friend decided to give us one and it was SO MUCH FUN, I loved it! It was the first time I had ever done pilates with machines, but it was awesome!


Goofing around with pilates poses!

When I got home my husband decided we needed to walk the fur babies, so we went on ahead and took them for a walk, after that I cleaned the house, gave the dogs a bath and blow dried them  and took a shower and gave myself a pedicure:)


I feel like today was a good day. It started off the right way and everything I did today involved exercise but it was so much fun. It felt so invigorated. I like going to the gym but I don’t feel as invigorated as I do when I do exercise outside. I know exercising outside is not something that can be done every day,but when I have the chance I think it is amazingly fun!

Well, I need to get going becase today I can finally go to bed early, so good night to all and I wish you all a happy Monday!


23 things to do in my 23rd Year

I was supposed to post this on my birthday, but actually, I forgot to post it on here and only posted it on facebook. Little by little  I will update this post as I complete the things I have been doing!

So this is it… I am now closer to 25 then to 20.. my 20’s are slowly beginning to leave OMG. I can’t even fathom the idea.. it’s… insane. I know I am exaggerating just a little but I feel as if my youth is leaving and I haven’t really done anything.

A couple of months ago I started thinking about things I want to do with my life and decided that this year I would make a list of 23 things to do in my 23rd year. So…let’s go!

  1. Act my age. I am 23 years old. I honestly act like I am 35. For the past six months I have been working on this one, but is definitely a work in progress. I have been working with adults since I was 15, so I kinda skipped a part of my youth, it doesn’t mean that my youth Is gone… it’s there all right, I just haven’t taken advantage of it… and now I will!

2. Get a tattoo.  I always say… one day I want to get a tattoo and I know exactly which one I want. I just need to save up money and get around to it.

  3. Take better care of my skin. The sooner I start taking care of my face, the longer preserved it will be! I need to remember to ALWAYS use sunscreen, especially on my body because that is where I forget the most, I rarely remember to use sunscreen on my body and this Brazilian sun is killing it!

 4. Move.  Everyone knows my husband and I are trying to go to the States, for my going BACK, but for him going. I just want to move soon. Hopefully in my 23rd year, but this one is out of my hands.

 5. Lose 8 more kilos. I have already lost 8 kilos… however I have 8 more kilos I would like to lose to be smoking hot! The secret will be keeping it off.. that is where I have the most difficulty. I have joined a gym though, and I am now going to a nutritionist who is doing amazingly crazy portion control with me.

 6. Do a radical sport. This one is a toughie… I would LOVE to do a radical sport while at the same time I am TERRIFIED of doing it. This year I am going to get the guts to do it though!

 7. Find more me time. In 2014 I spent too much time working, and forgot about ME. I gained weight, I was overly stressed, I had way too many activities. This year I want to concentrate on spending time with myself and getting to know my inner self better.  I have started pilates and would LOVE to start yoga to have some ME thinking time.

8. Read 23 books. I have always been an avid reader, but I have lost the habit due to not having easy acess to books. This year, however, I will go out of my way to get some books!

1- 50 Shades Darker

2- The Last Queen of Sheeba

9. Continue avoiding medicine. I stopped taking hormones and anything related last year, this year I am focusing on not taking painkillers for things like headaches and muscle pain. When I really am in pain I have some chamomile tea to relax the muscles and that usually does the trick.

10.  Build a good wardrobe.  I have the habit of buying cheap clothes, and then not liking them later. So this year I will focus on buying fewer things, but higher quality things. I have some clothes I bought three years that I paid a mini fortune for, but they have lasted until now and look brand new. So I believe that instead of buying “cheap” clothes from big stores with low quality, I will buy better quality clothes, even if they are a higher price, but I will just buy less.

11. Teach more . I am now becoming more and more an adult (yikes) and I know that as an adult we need to teach younger people. I am not talking about teaching English, I have done that for 8 years. I am talking about spiritual life, or things I have learned over time

12.  Eat caviar. It looks horrible, but people seem to rave about it all the time, so it is something that I would like to try just to see what it is all about.

13. Go back to my natural hair. I have been straightening my hair ever since I was 14.. that is 9 years:O OMG, haha Now I would like to get my wavy/curly hair back, it is going to be a long process, but it will be worthwhile.

14. Not drink soda or boxed juices . I haven’t drunk soda or boxed juices for a while now, a couple of months, I intend to keep it that way for the next year.

15. Get my third piercing. I have wanted my third earring for a couple of years now, but I never seem to be able to get around to getting it done    COMPLETED MAY/2015

16. Go camping. The last time that I went camping, I was 13 and it was with my Grandpa. I would love to go again during this next year

17. Go to Rio. I am dying to visit the Christ again and walk along Copacabana beach and have coffee by the shore.

18. Have flat abs. Ok, ok, ok, I know. Super vain on this one, but a girl’s gotta have goals, right? During the next year I would like to achieve and maintain, flat abs. Laugh all you want.

19. Say what I really think. I am actually not that bad on this one, but it could be better. Sometimes I am not as sincere as I should be.

20. Go to a music show. I have never been to one. I have no idea what all the fuss is about. I would like to know

21. Save more money. I need to focus on saving, having more money for a rainy day. You never know what life brings.

22. Enjoy life. Sometimes I just get so caught up in things that I just don’t ENJOY life, That is what I need to do this year, enjoy all the little moments and everything that comes with it!

23. Drink 10 new kinds of coffee. Ok, Everyone knows I am a coffee addict, I know, I know. I love coffee. But I would also like to try ten new kinds of coffee:D 

1. Mogiana

So this is my list, these are my goals. And why am I making them public? To hold myself accountable to making these goals happen!

Valentine’s Day Weekend

This past weekend was Valentine’s Day weekend here in Brazil, it was on Friday and by coin cidence, Friday was a holiday, so we had the long weekend off ( except for me who had to work on Saturday haha) But still, Friday off was amazing!

For lunch my husband and I celebrated by going to OUtback which is our current favorite restaurant:) I think we have been to most of the restaurants in Londrina and are just kinda tired of them all to be honest. They all seem to be the same thing with bad service, so whenever we can we end up going to outback:)


As you can imagine, I completely went off my diet, so now I need to focus once again on losing weight, Sigh. Why does eating have to be so good?


Saturday and Sunday I basically spent resting… my mind is spent and I am waiting… just waiting on the green card process. I want to leave as soon as possible and I feel like I am just in stand by mode waiting for it to happen.

I don’t know about you guys, but for me there is nothing better than sitting around watching movies. Rainy weekends were made for it;) I spent Saturday cuddled up with Sabrina in bed, she actually isn’t allowed on the bed but she is so insistent and keeps jumping up that I eventually give up and let her stay, Terrible parenting, I know.

vale5Sunday I spent the day on the couch watching movies cuddled with Bonhoeffer and Sabrina, and by cuddled, I mean literally:) Bonhoeffer’s such a cutie.

I had Sunday lunch with my dad since he is going to the states today and I wouldn’t see him for a while. I decided to make something somewhat healthy since I spent the weekend not eating right, bleh. My Sunday lunch however, turned out amazing:D


I made oven baked chicken with oat bran ( no flour! ) and salad.  It was great!!

My weekend was also spent drinking loads and loads of coffee, as always:D hehehhe


All in all, my weekend was just what I needed, a lot of rest! I wish I hadn’t eaten off the diet plan, but oh well. What’s done is done. This morning I wasn’t able to go the gy, but tomorrow I will start back 100% !

Hope you all have a good day!

Getting it Done

Well, I finally got back down to 59 kilos, hooray! Now comes the hard part where I have never been….keeping them off and losing more and going lower. I think that now I am thinner than when I got married…so thats good news!

Post Workout!

Post Workout!

The only thing is that I am starting to feel weak. Which sucks. Hopefully My body will get used to it soon. I lowered My food intake and went back to not eating at right. I came to the conclusion. Either I am happy and eat, or I am pretty and thin, but both definitely dont walk hand in hand. Sigh, what a sad realization to make.

Birthday Dress!

Birthday Dress!

Thankfully My husband is being super supportive. I dont know what I would do without his help. Hes the best!

My guy! Love him!

My guy! Love him!

Well, I need to get going. Hope everyone has a good week!

Life Lately


Life has been crazy lately. My birthday has come and gone…I didn`t reach my goal weight of 58 kilos  but I had reached 59. This month I had a major freak out because I did not get my period and I do not want babies at this point in my life. Good grief, I am too young and have so much to do and see and I am still not convinced I even WANT to have kids. I would really live to adopt, I am not to keen on bringing a child into the world. So anyhow, after a month of waiting for my period to come and NADA I set up a gyno appointment. The night before my appointment, I got my period a month late and had to reschedule. I honestky think I did not get it because it was coincidently the month I started gym and changed my diet, however , I am still going to the doctor to see what was up.


Anyhow, now I am trying to set more tangible goals. Since I finally got my period, weight loss should go better. I want to get down to.58 kilos, 30 days from now. We are on June 6th, so by July 6th I am going to be 58 kilos. I have put down this goal many times, but this time I mean it for real. I must get down to it,  must see my weight lowering again.


I threw out my back on Tuesday, so I have not been to the gym since Tuesday, I have been waiting out tgmhe pain to pass and each day it gets a little better. Hopefully by Monday I will be amazing!

My birthday was spectacular! I had all my favorite foods and celebrated with the people I love, even my sister was able to come down for my bday!!


It was a.lot of fun. All right, I need to get going because I need to start my day, but I hope you all have a great day!