It has been almost a month since I have posted on here, wow!! However, that does not mean that I have given up on my diet and healthy lifestyle, quite the contrary, I am more focused than ever!!

During the last month I have gone to the nutritionist, a spectacular one by the way, and I have been following a meal plan! It is a little tough because it is so little food, and I have had my slipups, but after two months of being stuck at 60 kilos, I have finally gotten down to 59,5 kilos, only seven and a half more to go! Hooray! It is so great to see the 50`s on my scale finally! Yippee!

I believe what happened was that since I started gym (It has been a month), my fat began turning to muscle amd weighing the same, but finally my weight is going down again:) I am so excited!


Look at the progress pic, wow! It is amazing to see how far I have come and focus on what needs work. I still have a long ways to go, but now I am really focused on being healthy, losing weight, and toning up:)

I have bought clothes that fit, I sold my old clothes that were not even possible for me to wear and bought new ones with the money:) I have been having fun playing dress up with my  new digs hehe I have also been focusing on going lighter with makeup and trying to look my real age, like so:


Yesterday I got a haircut and once I get zome products I am going to.try and start using wavy hair again. Here I  am after getting it cut yesterday:


Hair cut!

Also during this process of killing myself at the gym, I have gotten a new best friend:



Ok, JUST KIDDING on the last one haha, I couldnt resist, but in all truth the scale is my forever ally. Numbers count.

I have been going to the gym every morning from 7 to 8 20, at the most 8 30.  It has been pretty awesome, tough, but I feel great afterwards! I am so excited for this month to see if I can get down to 58 for my bday, that would be an amazing present!!!

Well, I need to get going but I will be back in touch sooner! Have a happy week!!


Happy Sunday from the little beggar!