Failure and Keeping Your Head Up

Well, the title kind of explains this whole post. I went off my diet last night. I went to a birthday party and there was nothing really to eat except for fried foods because it was a bar. I ended up eating linguiça, frango a assarinho, a few inion rings and finally some meat. Since I had already screwed up my diet and I was desanimada, I went ahead and got something sweet to eat.

At the time, I wanted it.. and felt bad, but what’s done is done. I need to be stronger and keep my house stocked with good dukan things to eat all the time so I won’t succumb to tempation.

Today I don’t feel so bad about it, because I went to the supermarket and am doing the Atack Phase again, probably for another 5 days, or maybe just to the Cruise phase without tolerated food. I can’t decide which, but I have made the decision to carry on correctly. I will keep up all the work I’ve done and lose the whole process. I WILL get down to 52 kilos because I can and that is my goal and I will stay focused.

Yesterday was a holiday here in Brazil, so this is a long holiday weekend and I am really enjoying it, I haven’t done anything special except for going to the mall with some friends on Thursday night and to a friend’s birthday party Friday night. I have spent the day cleaning and organizing and I finally feel on top of things!

To relax I have been binge watching Drop Dead Diva while drinking coffee and coloring in my anti stress coloring book:) I saw a couple of reviews online and found out that they finally have them here in Brazil! When I went to the mall on Thursday I picked one up, it’s super fun!


After a couple of hours, here is the first page finished!


Now I am working on this one:

Saturday Afternoon PLans:) Binge watching series, iced coffee, and advanced coloring:D

Saturday Afternoon PLans:) Binge watching series, iced coffee, and advanced coloring:D

And those are my extensive plans for the long holiday weekend hahahha… sitting at home and relaxing and not doing much:) I do have some paperwork I need to do, but it’s not all that difficult and I have the rest of the day to do it too:D

I hope all of you have a great Easter weekend!


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