Motivation Monday!

Hey there! It has been a while! Juat stopping by to say a quick hello before classes and ralk about goals!

I still havent gotten below 60, I reached a plateau. So, to help things along and overall be healthier, I joined the gym! Today was the first day and I did pilates! It was fun, a little too easy in my opinion, but still fun!


Playing.dress up:)

I have decided to quit lactose again, at least until I get down to 58 kilos. No more cheese, milk or other yummy foods:( but I CAN and will do this!

This weekend was fun, full and rushed but fun. We went to my father in laws lakehouse and spent the night Saturday.


Have a happy week!

Well, I need to get going so I will be back later!!


Speeding Things Up

Well, I have been stuck at 61,0 kilos for the past three days. Ugh.

To try and get my weight down to 59 ASAP, here are my goals:

1) Start eating less. I believ ethat even though I am eating Dukan permitted foods, I am eating waaaay too much. So I will cut my portions down a bit.

2) For a week, starting today,  I will eat jello and ham for dinner. I will keep it light.

3) Go walking 5 times a week. I am currently walking twice a week durng the week and once on weekends. Now I want to walk four times during the week and once on weekends.

4) FOCUS. The wedding on April 30th is my next goal. I will get down to 58 by then. I have 15 days. Lets do this!


This morning`s breakfast of a dukan pancake, turkey ham, and polenguinho light mozerella flavored.

I am currently trying to save money too. I want to pay off our car as possible. I need to start saving so I can see money building up and get motivated!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Daddy's Little Girl:)

Daddy’s Little Girl:)

I hope that everyone is having a great Easter! I was able to spend Easter one last time with my family, next year they won’t be bere and hopefully neither will I, haha. So if all things go well, maybe the WHOLE family will be together for once, but only next year to know for sure:)

Mexican Easter Lunch!

Mexican Easter Lunch!

Anyhow, since it was just us 4, we decided to make Mexican food. It was great just being able to sit down everyone together:)


Mom and I being crazy!

I hope everyone is having a great Easter Sunday with their families!

Failure and Keeping Your Head Up

Well, the title kind of explains this whole post. I went off my diet last night. I went to a birthday party and there was nothing really to eat except for fried foods because it was a bar. I ended up eating linguiça, frango a assarinho, a few inion rings and finally some meat. Since I had already screwed up my diet and I was desanimada, I went ahead and got something sweet to eat.

At the time, I wanted it.. and felt bad, but what’s done is done. I need to be stronger and keep my house stocked with good dukan things to eat all the time so I won’t succumb to tempation.

Today I don’t feel so bad about it, because I went to the supermarket and am doing the Atack Phase again, probably for another 5 days, or maybe just to the Cruise phase without tolerated food. I can’t decide which, but I have made the decision to carry on correctly. I will keep up all the work I’ve done and lose the whole process. I WILL get down to 52 kilos because I can and that is my goal and I will stay focused.

Yesterday was a holiday here in Brazil, so this is a long holiday weekend and I am really enjoying it, I haven’t done anything special except for going to the mall with some friends on Thursday night and to a friend’s birthday party Friday night. I have spent the day cleaning and organizing and I finally feel on top of things!

To relax I have been binge watching Drop Dead Diva while drinking coffee and coloring in my anti stress coloring book:) I saw a couple of reviews online and found out that they finally have them here in Brazil! When I went to the mall on Thursday I picked one up, it’s super fun!


After a couple of hours, here is the first page finished!


Now I am working on this one:

Saturday Afternoon PLans:) Binge watching series, iced coffee, and advanced coloring:D

Saturday Afternoon PLans:) Binge watching series, iced coffee, and advanced coloring:D

And those are my extensive plans for the long holiday weekend hahahha… sitting at home and relaxing and not doing much:) I do have some paperwork I need to do, but it’s not all that difficult and I have the rest of the day to do it too:D

I hope all of you have a great Easter weekend!

Sucess and Skirts;)

good morning, well another day has come and i feel like i am just waiting… and waiting! i am really anxious for some paperwork to arrive so that i can send it off as quickly as possible. i am also anxious to lose weight quickly because i am tired of the way i look! i mean, i know it has improved, but it could be better, you know?

yesterday i stuck with my goal and only ate chicken, actually i did even better and had two chicken breasts in the morning and some for lunch with an egg. in the afternoon i didn’t have time to eat, so then i decided that i wouldnt eat at night. it was hard, but it paid off. today is a protein and vegetable day, so hopefully i will be able to eat a lot of salad, let’s see. friday is a holiday so everything and everyone is busy because there will be a long holiday weekend- which is A-MA-ZING!

Blurry, but you get to see the skirt:) Don't mind the mess in the background, I have to organize my closet hehe

Blurry, but you get to see the skirt:) Don’t mind the mess in the background, I have to organize my closet hehe

yesterday i was able to fit into a skirt that i hadn’t been able to wear in a long, long time. i am having to put together different outfits since i only have two pairs of jeans to intercalate. in the mornings i mostly wear pants or long skirts since i work with kids and hve to get up and down, in the afternoon i put on dresses or skirts, also because it is unbearable to wear pants in the afternoon here in londrina.

i hope everyone has a great day and i will talk to you soon!