Chicken and White

Yesterday I ended up drinking a lot of milk and yogurt, so to make up for it today I am eating just chicken today.

I have weighed exactly 61 kilos, so I am eager for it to drop down soon. This morning I finally went walking for 40 minutes around the neighborhood…I wont be able to tomorrow, but I will on Thursday and Friday is a holiday so I am.going to try to go walking a bit more.

Completely changing subjects… I am beginning to hate how my clothes fit. They are getting baggy on all the wrong places. Ugh. I also have noticed that I am wearing a lot of black and white… but that is only because I have two pairs of pants…and both are black! One is borrowed from my mom.. the other is one I bought on my honeymoon. All the jeans I brought back from the states are huuuuuuge and falling down.


Baggy in strange ways 😦

I believe that when I reach 57 kilos… I deserve a shopping trip. Which includes jeans and shirts that fit right. I will still have 5 kilos to lose, but then my clothes will be ridiculously large.

I am.totally crushing on Aline grey tshirts and the minute I find one… I am buying it!

Well, I need to get.going but I will.see you guys.soon!


2 comentários sobre “Chicken and White

    • brazilmeetsamerica disse:

      Thank you Izabella! Thank you for the sweet comment! I would like to explain something though, I worry a lot about the numbers because for it is too easy to think that everything is ok, when in reality it is not, so sometimes my weight balloons up like crazy. This is why I probably talk so much about my weight, my goal is to get down and keep it there! About the grey shirts, I am looking for some… but I can’t find any A-line tshirts like what I want! All I can find are tight fitting ones!

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