Five Things I hate About the Breed: Women

Ok, so I am a woman and I can talk about woman, right? That’s fair.

What I want to talk about is: Women. When I was a teen, I never got along well with women, we fight and argue. Honestly, I would get along super well with boys but with girls I never really got along well. And why?


Because we girls are a difficult breed to be around.

1. Girls can be bitchy. They complain about everything. ALL THE TIME.  Everything is never good enough are nice enough. I get tired of hearing people complain.

2. Girls don’t forgive as easily as boys. If a girl gets mad at you, they will probably be mad at you forever. Boys.. well, they will get upset, but they forgive and most importantly, forget.

3. They aren’t punctual. If you tell a girl to meet you at 7, she will get there late, every time. I don’t think I know a woman who actually arrives on time for things.

4. PMS. Ugh, enough said. PMS sucks. Worse yet is woman who use PMS as an excuse to be angry and steam off anger for no good reason. I know that our mood does take a turn for the worse, but really, some women exagerate.

5. Speaking of moods, and feelings and what not… talking behind other people’s backs. I think that is what I hate the most about girls, women, the whole entire female breed.  Instead of solving the reason logically, no, they prefer to send crazy text messages trying to guilt trip you into doing things or saying things and I really can’t stand that. Why not just solve the problem quickly? Talk to the person and tell them what’s up. Tell them what you are feeling. Be honest. Don’t manipulate .


Anyhow, These are just some thoughts going through my head. I love my friends, and I have friends who are girls and love them too. I just feel that I am way too old for drama.

Don’t take this personally anyone, I myself am a girl so I feel like I have a right to talk about it! haha


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