A Series of Unfortunate Events

Ok, so I just need to spill. I mean crap, I have had an awful start to today. Let’s start with last night. I get home and my baby, Bonhoeffer looks like he is dying. There was throw up and poop and pee all over the kitchen, like osmething had gone terribly wrong. It freaked me out. Seriously. I opened the baby gate to let him out of that mess and he didn’t even want to look at me, he just stayed lying down on the floor and didn’t want to lift his head or talk to us or anything. I tried feeding him since he is food crazy but he didn’t even want to smell his food. I tried giving him water and he would just turn away from it.

While my husband cleaned up the mess I sat with him on the floor and pet him and loved on him but he was still super down. Slowly he looked like he was getting his strength back, I took a bone out of my purse that I had bought for him, and he cheered up a little and even started chewing on it. I completely freaked and tried calling the vet thousands of times, but she didn’t answer. So we were waiting on her to call back, but slowly he started feeling better.. and better… We fed him some kibbles with meat water from our meal mixed in it and he ate it… before I went to bed at midnight I gave him somre more kibbles and he gobbled it right up. He sleeps in our room so we know that nothing happened during the night. We think it may have been some medicine he was taking, an anti allergy medicine because he had been scratching himself to death and the vet told us to give it to him.

Well, in the end it all turned out all right and this morning he was his usual chipper self, so we have no idea what happened.

Back to my series of unfornatunate events, I got home to the huge scare of Bonhoeffer, we worked on making him feel better, I put on a pair of flip flops and they broke… then I put on another pair I had lying around… last night I gave myself a mani-pedi and while I was doing that Sabrina got a flipflop I had been wearing, and chewed on it and ruined the flipflop, so two pairs in one day. Last night my hubby went to take a shower after me and the shower burnt out. So this morning I had to take a freakishly cold shower because I wash my hair every day. But I figured, hey, I can at least use the blow dryer to warm out… Halfway in to blowdrying my hair, my hair dryer burns out… and I’m left with half wet hair.

Goodness. When things are supposed to go wrong.. they do it. And I can’t say it’s bad luck because even though I tease, there is no such thing as bad luck, because we have a loving God who cares for us and sometimes “bad” things can happen all at once to test your faith.

So let’s not get depressed, right? Because at the moment I could just break down and cry. Let’s focus on happy things! And good things!

Like weighing myself this morning and weighing 61,2 kilos… almost reaching 60!!! Hopefully I can get to 60,7 because that would be a kilo lost in a week! Without exercise because i haven’t had time:D

Today's look, sans lipstick because I am still drinking coffee haha

Today’s look, sans lipstick because I am still drinking coffee haha

So yesterday I was walking downtown and I decided to pass by my favorite shoe store, Queen Shoes! I love going there and everything is beautiful, but super expensive! However, a couple of times a year they have a promotion on the end of season shoes, and that is when I buy them! Because buying 3 pairs of shoes you get a huge discount, in this case it was 60% discount, so worthwile!

Well, I couldn’t decide on just three pairs… since I decided to get closed shoes since winter is cmoing. Even though they are summer shoes, they are closed and I can wear them in the winter without looking like a dork because it doesn’t get THAT cold here in Londrina.


From 530 reais, I believe, I paid 214 reais on all 4 pairs of shoes, that’s 53 reais a shoe! They were about 120, 170, a piece. It depended on the pair. They had more expensive shoes, but I wanted the cheaper ones because I KNOW their shoes last forever. That’s why I buy them! I love them! hehehe

Whenever I buy shoes that aren’t Queen Shoes, they never last. They fal apart, they are uncomfortable, etc. I want comfortable, long lasting shoes without paying an outrageous price. With the dollar more than 3 to one, that’s only 70 dollars for four pairs of shoes.. I know I earn in reais, but now I have started comparing everything to the price of the dollar to see if it’s worthwhile!

Well, I need to get going, but I just thought I might show today’s breakfast! I had a Dukan pancake with sliced chicken ham thingie and diet mozerella cheese. On the side I had a diet yogurt with fruit, so those were my two tolerated foods for the day!


I hope you all have a great day! And I hope my day gets better, hahaha See you soon!

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