Feeling Blue

So I weighed myself this morning and apparently eating little and suffering a little was worth it because I weighed 61,4 this morning. I reeeaaaallyyyyy want to get down to 60 something this week. Even if it is like 60,9, but just to be able to see a smaller number! Tomorrow is Friday so I will go.walking in the morning, maybe I will spruce things up amd go longer than 30 minutes.

Yesterday I was melancholic and started backreading my blog and I found a post where I had mentioned my weight…O started at 66 kilos and had gotten down to 61 kilos… so now I started at 67,7 kilos and have gotten down to 61,4… but both times my goal weight was 52! This time it has taken me longer to lose weight, but it was also because it was more weight if that makes .sense.

Today isnt the happiest of days, my morning was not the greatest but I am trying to.concentrate on good things…and things other than work. I need to take care of my health. And I dont know the limit for overworking. Sigh. Its tough.


Brazil side of Iguaçu with my hubby!

I really want the documents to qork out, I want a change in lfe, I want adventure. I want something new amd different. I want to have contact with my family and be able to be there for them, especially my grandparents. I want to move.


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