I am starting to wonder if maybe I am eating too much. I have lost an average of a kilo a week, but I feel that sometimes it is so slow and then sometimes it speeds up. Right now it is normal, I think that by Sunday I will have lost more weight, but I still be careful and keep my focus.

This morning I woke up and had a Dukan pancake with diet cheese and some kani.

For lunch I had chicken and some contra file. I didnt snack and for dinner I had 2 kani and some slices of turkey breast.

I tried to eat less today, especially for dinner. Which is why I only had turkey slices for dinner. Sigh.

I have two options, eat whatever I want and be fat or eat nothing and look great. Tough choice. I am by no meams thin…61.7 kilos is 135 pounds.. I have lost 15 pounds but want to lose 20 more. I want to hav emy teenage weight so that I will look prettier, healthier, and younger. It is hard, but I will do it. I can do it.  I must do it.


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