Sunday Eats

Yesterday was a really lazy day… I woke up in time for lunch and STARVING! I was really happy when I weighed myself cause I weighed 61,7… now have a new goal, by April 30th (a wedding) I will weigh57 kilos. I need to exercise more, amd frequently, and get back to doing situps, man traveling for a week really set me off!
For breakfast yesterday I had a Dukan pancake with diet cheese and ham and kani.


I also had pudding. The girl who stayed at our house didnt drink the fat free milk so I didnt want to throw it away so I drank it all instead:)


In the afternoon I had a Dulan coffee shake which I forgot to take a picture of and in the evening I had chicken with ricotta.


Oops, blurry pic. Well, those were my eats for Sunday, way too much milk, but I will do better now!


Coffee on Saturday Night


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