Seven Things Every Grown Woman Should Have

So this is inspired from a few conversations with my friends and comments I have heard here and there. What age a “Grown Woman” is, I have no idea. I consider myself one because I have a am married, work, own a house, car, etc. To each his own. Also, I know people who read my blog are mostly 18 and up, so consider yourself warned, hahaha.

For lack of photos relevant to the topic that would be appropriate... I now present you: Puppy Pics!

For lack of photos relevant to the topic that would be appropriate… I now present you: Puppy Pics!

First things first:

1. Matching Underclothing.

What’s up with people walking around in unmatching underclothing? Is that  a thing now? The only time I do that is when I desperately need to was clothes and those times are rare and in between. I just feel bad whenever I have to do it. And you aren’t 15 anymore, so please invest in stuff that fits and MATCHES and throw everything that is cotton away. Please.

Also, period panties? Seriously. That’s just gross. It’s not an explosion of blood. Just wear normal stuff and be hygienic. Please.

2. Non chipped nails.

You are old enough to remove your nail polish and at least weekly give yourself a manicure. You aren’t 5 anymore. You can color in between the lines. Practice makes perfect. Speaking on which, again, what’s up with grown woman walking around with so badly chipped nail polish that it looks like they did their feet two months ago? ew!

My little Roly Poly

My little Roly Poly

3. Sex on regular basis. If you are married ( don’t judge please).

I have heard of married couples having sex just once a month, or not getting any for a couple of  days… um.. that’s unheard of. Please, I don’t care what the situation is (unless you wer ein a car crash, had surgery, etc) you will ALWAYS have time for sex. Don’t let this be of second importance in your marriage.

4. Beauty Products.

You don’t live with your sisters anymore to use their beauty products. Buy your own. And use them! Don’t let yourself go just because you aren’t a teen anymore. Everyone is beautiful, embrace your beauty and care for it.


5. A Healthy Diet

Your body isn’t what it used to be. It gains weight, easily. Care for it and love it and it will love you back!! Eating fries at midnight will come back to bite you, really! Every now and then it’s okay to splurge… but don’t let it become a habit!

6. Clothes that fit

If it’s too tight, torn, or drastically faded, just donate or throw it away please. Don’t keep using it, it doesn’t look as good, or even good, like it used to!

7. Responsibility

If you are over 18, your parents should not be paying things for you. You should be responsible enough to pay your own bills. If you are MARRIED your parents defnitely shouldn’t be paying things for you, even health insurance. You should take that on as your responsibility.


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