The Best Vacation Ever

I have been on thousands of vacations and to many different places.. but in all honesty, I just got done with the BEST vacation ever! It was loads of fun.


Brazil side of the Falls

The dollar is up here in Brazil which is great for who receives in dollars, but I am still receiving in reais and paying greencard bills in dollars so that sucks. We have been tight on cash, but everything has been working out of, Thank God. Well, my parents know our situation and gifted us with two extra days in Iguaçu… we left on Saturday instead of MOnday… it was freaking amazing!

The feeling of something new, that you don’t know what it is, that something amazing is about to happen… just leaves you feeling breathless the whole time. It’s spectacular.


We left at 6 30 am on Saturday morning… I didn’t reach my goal weight of 60 kilos, actually, I only got down to 61,7. Which brings me to the next part, I had some “escapes” while on vacation, but they were kind of planned. I had an alfajor and lunch with dessert in Argentina because I really didn’t want to miss out on Argentine food. I also had dessert twixe at the hotel because it came to the point where it was almost torture watching everyone eat amazing desserts with every meal… and I caved because I was going crazy, haha. I didn’t interrogate anyone about the food, so I am sure I ended up eating oil and the vegetables and the steaks probably had oil too… but you know what? It’s ok. I weighed myself this morning and I weighed 62,2 kilos… that’s 500 grams. I can recuperate that quickly, it will be ok and I will not go haywire over that.


So anyhow, Argentina was fantastic, Iguaçu was fantastic, everything was spectacular!!!

Alfajor in Argentina

Alfajor in Argentina

My husband had never been to Foz de Iguaçu, so it was awesome to see the excitement of something new through someone else’s eyes, my parents weren’t able to go because they were busy planning the conference, which is sad.. but we were still able to have fun just the two of us!


Iguaçu Falls- Brazil side!

We went to the Biird Park and had an amazing time, The Macaw exhibit is new, so I had never been there since the last time I was in Foz was in 2009. I loved being able to get up close to the birds and actually pet them, it is so much fun and they are such beautiful creatures that a picture doesn’t really do them justice.


I could go on and on about the Falls and how amazing they were… but all I am going to say is that it should be a place to gon your Bucket List. A picture does not do them justice. They are amazing and powerful and when you see them you just stop amazed and think about this wonder that God created… it leaves you… speechless.

Argentine side.. it was too windy to get a good pic! Mist was flying everywhere hahah

Argentine side.. it was too windy to get a good pic! Mist was flying everywhere hahah

All I can say is.. thanks hubby for going along with you rcrazy wife without even knowing what you were up to and being willing to go by car to a place you had never gone. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything that y’all to make it easier for us to be able to come.. you guys are amazing. We really appreciate everything you did for us and words cannot express our gratitude. We love you both very much!

Smith and Reis Family

Smith and Reis Family

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