Skin Care

Well, I had this whole post written out, but apparently when it went to go post, it deleted everything:( How sad!!


Anyhow, Let’s talk about skin care! I don’t know if I am PMS or what ( and for those of you wondering, NO I am not pregnant, I just have a messed up cycle because I stopped taking the BC pill in order to stop taking medicine and be healthier overall) but my face is completely broken out, like everywhere. My back too. It’s gross. I hate zits. Stupid acne genes. (Sorry mom) Well, I have decided that for the week up till conference, until Monday, I will be doing the green face mask daily. At night I am applying the acid I use for my face and using LOTS and LOTS of suncreen!

Crazy Lady in Green Face Mask! Yikes!

On my shoulders and back my husband has been putting the acid. So that should help those areas. I just need to remember to put sunscreen on my body.. I tend to forget and have reddish toned arms which is bad because I really prefer milky white arms and skin!

I have recently “discovered” Mary Kay makeup. I say “discovered” because I have always known that it exists, but I have never used it. Well, a woman from work sells Mary Kay and she gives a 20% discount in cash, which is really great! So I bought the foundation when I comepletly burnt my face. I bought the Marky Kay Timewise Foundation, and it really is amazing. It treats my skin as I use it and I can really feel the difference from the NYX foundation I was using. The NYX, in comparison, was like putting colored water on my face while the Mary Kay is like a paste- love it! hahaha I am also using the pressed powder, the combination of the two leaves my skin looking the porcelain skin, It’s awesome! It makes me look like my skin is actually good hahaha

Porcelain Mary Kay skin;)

Today was my last day eating Protein and Legumes for 5 days. Now I will be doing just Proteins without any tolerados, at the most cheese just because it will ruin in the fridge and it is super expensive since it’s diet:D  But I was reading online and apaprently 3% fat cheese isn’t a tolerated food on the diet, it’s just part of the liter of milk you can drink a day ( which I’m not.). So today I had a farewell feast with veggies and ate all the veggies that were left over. Since I am PMS I was climbing the walls for something sweet to eat, so I saw that we still had two zucchinis and decided to make doce de abobrinha, I peeled and diced the zucchini and put it on to boil with some water, sweetener, cinnamon, and cravos. Surprisingly, it was spectacular! I really liked it! Then I saw that it was almost time for my last meal of the day so I decided to make an egglplant lasanha with an eggplant we had laying around. So I peeled and thinly sliced it, then left in water for a couple of minutes and kept switching out the water. To put together the leftovers lasanha I added chicken, chicken ham, and 3% fat cheese with layers of eggplant. It was so good I ate the whole thing….:( I should probably be embarassed about that ,but since I will be doing 5 days of pure protein, I’m okey dokey!

Anyhow, I need to get going because it almost midnight and I am tired and someone promised me a massage:D I will talk to you guys later!


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