Monday Blues

No, not really Monday Blues, just a little since at this time next week I will be traveling to conference I am so friggin excited! Hooray!!

I also have some more awesome news! I went to weigh myself this morning and weighed 62,2 kilos and I am still PMS so YAY! That means I really did lose more weight than I thought! So yeah… I wish I coud get down to like, 60,7 this Sunday, that would make me amazingly happy! That means I almost reached my goal by the date I put! I have decided that I will be doing Protein and vegetables today and tomorrow and then Wednesday till Sunday I will do just Protein, because then while I am traveling MOnday to Friday I can do Protein and Vegetables and that will make eating out somewhere different a whole lot easier and mean I won’t be getting so many stray looks of weirdness, hahaha

Late last night I almost went crazy because I really wanted to make a recipe I saw online, but I am not eating after 7 pm.. and I wasn’t hungry so that wasn’t the reason, it really was just gula, so I didn’t cave and I am SO glad I didn’t because it just made me feel like a better person:DCAM02007

Anyhow, I made cauliflower soup!! It sounds disgusting but it was actually amazing. I made it for breakfast because it sounded so amazing. I cooked frozen cauliflower then put it in the blender with milk, salty seasonings and garlic and a tomato. I blended everything together, ended up adding a little bit more milk then when I took it out of the blender I mixed in some shredded chicken and put some cheese on top. Holy cow. It was AMAZING! I loved it. It really filled me up, it’s not a breakfast food, but still, it was incredible. My husband was just laughing at me for eating it for breakfast because I looked like some crazy preggo woman caving to her cravings, but it was because it just tasted so much like potato soup that I couldn’t take it!


This morning I got to work at 7:30, on MOndays Wednesdays and Fridays i have to get early to work, so I went walking for a half hour around the neighborhood. I went to work in gym clothes and basically brought a mudança with me to get ready ( since I only start work at 9 15) Anyhow, I am so proud I did a half hour walk on a rainy Monday morning! I feel great!

Speaking of workouts, I have been doing my 150 situps every day.. except for Saturday because i got so caught up in everything that I ended up not having time at all. But all the other days I have done them! My abs are starting to show up, I’m so happy!

Well, I need to get going because it’s time for work, but I hope that all of you had a great weekend and have a great Monday!


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