Monthly Beauty Products!

Well, it has been a while since I have posted anything about beauty products, and since my diet is a little uninteresting right now, let’s talk about beauty, shall we??

I didn’t use to be so vain. As a child I was obese and didn’t care for being “pretty” when I was in the United States in 2008, I started to lose weight and started to care about my appearance, and when I returned to Brazil I started caring A LOT about my appearance. I have gone thorugh phases where I have gained weight and have stopped worrying so much about my appearance, but we should always acre for ourselves, no matter what. So that is a weakness of mine, but usually I am very “vaidosa” and love using beauty products, especially HAIR products. I am addicted tp them. I love shampoos, conditioners, creams, hair masks, oils, serums, you name it. if the packaging says it’s good for your hair, I’m desperate to try it hahaha.

So, it had been a while since I had worried about my hair. My hair is my favorite aspect of my body, I would say the only thing of my body that I am proud since it’s completely natural and therefore, I take good care of it. Very good care.

Recently we have been trying to save money so I haven’t really been using anything special on my hair, shampoo, conditioner, and a serum when I dry it… well, due to not using all of my products, my hair was becoming FRIED because of the sun. Sooo, this month I decided that I would do something about it, and I did!

First of all, I cut my bangs:) I did it myself. It isn’t perfect, but I didn’t want to go to a salon for them to cut off length from my hair and pay 45 reais.. I prefer spending that money on something else!


Just woken up pic , but this was before I cut my bangs and since I took it in the sunlight you can get the general idea of my hair color

Aaaand this one is after:



And this one is after, the lighting is off, since I am inside, but you get to see my bangs:) Just took this a few secs ago

Anyhow, I have been enjoying taking thousands of selfies, so here’s another after! haha



Ok, so onto the products now, shall we??

Here is overall view of everything I bought:


Now, for shampoo and conditioner:


I spent forever trying to choose shampoo and conditioner that looked like the smell wouldn’t wear off and was a good price at the same time. It’s a tough decision I tell you ! Can’t you tell I’m addicted to shampoo and conditioner? haha I ended up choosing this guaraná shampoo, which is ok.. it doesn’t foam up much ( and I like that in a shampoo), but it smells great. The smell doesn’t last the whole day though like a shampoo with good perfume that lasts long into the night. So yeah, the shampoo was all right. It was a good price too, 500 mls for 8,50 reais. Now, the conditioner is HEAVEN! I smelled a shampoo that was made from ginger, but it was REALLY expensive, then the saleslady showed me this conditioner that was only 14 reais and had the same exact smell, it’s really thick so it does a good job in hydrating the hair! I LOVE it! I really wish they had the shampoo with the same smell, but they didn’t:(

IMG-20150307-WA0003Since I have used a hair straightener ever since I was 13 years old.. my hair needs something for the heat. About a year ago, I would use this Spray Gloss daily and it really made a difference! So, I bought it again and have gone back to using it. Just a side note here though, when I dry my hair I also use a silicon based serum to protect it from the blow dryers heat, you aren’t supposed to use oil because it will be like you’re asking to fry your hair. So anyhow, I use the serum, dry it, spray the hair gloss, straighten it, and then when I finish I use an oil, which is what I bought here.. argan oil. I saw this bottle and bought it just because it was cheap and smelled good! It was the company’s brand and it must be something new, I paid only 6 reais and it smells amazing and the smell lasts forever. (As does the charming spray) so I am REALLY happy about these purchases!

IMG-20150307-WA0008These little packets are hair creams that I use weekly to hidrate my hair. They are only 1,75 reais each. I have been using them ever since I was a teen, and when I remember, I buy them to use weekly. All you do is after you wash and condition your hair, you spread the contents of the packet on your hair and let it sit or 5 to 10 minutes then rinse and you’re done. It makes a HUGE difference and leaves the hair feeling so soft and wonderful! I am going back to doing it once a week because the sun was cruel to my  hair this summer.

Ok, and last, but not least, I bought a few nail things!

IMG-20150307-WA0004I topped going to the manicure in an effort to save money about 1 year and half ago, then my manicure abandoned me and I haven’t found anyone I like since. So, I have been doing my own mani and pedis. I’m very simple to please when it comes to nails though. I like white, or red. The occasional black. I also like a very specific color of red in the summer, almost an orangey red. Usually I use risqué, but I have given up on the brand because after a day it is chipping off my nails, both on my fingers and toes. When I was in the States I bought some Revlon 60 second dry nail polish, and I LOVED it so much I finished off the bottle in less than 6 months. Oops. So now I have to wait to go again and buy some, lol. Anyhow, while I was at Leo I was trying to find a good nail polish and I saw a new brand: Alfaparf. Alfaparf has a lot of high end shampoos and hair products, but their nail polish line is new. I really liked this nail polish, I only did my nails yesterday so I can’t tell you how long the polish will last. If it lasts 3 or 4 days for, that’s amazing. It didn’t chip yesterday, so that’s a good sign too! Also included in the pic are the nail polish remover pads, which is all I use now. I only have nail polish remover ( and not acetone) to remove the excess nail polish from the sides. I also bought these little baggies with cream for the hands and feet. Instead of soaking your feet in water to file your feet and remove the cuticles, you just put them in the baggies and leave them there ( Yesterday I took a  nap with them on, hahaha) and whenever you feel like it, go ahead and remove the baggies and start the pedicure. They are great! I have recommended them to many people!


Well you guys, that’s it for this month’s beauty stuff, I have a few make up things I bought, but I will talk about them another time!


See you soon!




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