I have had a headache for two days, medicine won’t make it go away. Neither will coffee. I have been feeling down, but honestly, I think all this is stress to getting the greencard paperwork done. I just feel overwhelmed and like no one understands what I am going thrhough because they have never done it themselves and it’s one of the biggest responsibilities I have ever done. I just feel all the weight on my shoulders and I can’t wait till I send off the second load of documents so that I will be able to clear my head. If everything goes ok, it will be done next week.

I know some of you may think, why does she post all of this online? Well, because I need to destress and no one I know actually reads my blog because I don’t make it public on facebook or anything, so yeah.

Anyhow, yesterday I was at my mom’s house and I started looking for thinspiration pics of my past, hahaha so lame, I know:D The cd kept crashing so I was only able to look at a few pics, but I found two happy moments from my past..

When I was a teen, about 14 or 15, I went to a Braves game with my family and my best friend Kayla.. It was the 4th of July. We almost got rained out of the game, but we ended up waiting a couple of hours, playing some games, and then getting upped to better seats, it was awesome! We made a great time out of something that could have been terrible, hahaha

kayla and i 2


While I was in the States, Kayla used to love a place called Costley Mills and one day she and her mom took me there. I think that is when I started getting hooked on Nature. I love the feel of it, I love hiking and things like that, I just never have the opportunity to do it here. But for my birthday this year, I want to do something like that. It would be super awesome!!

kayla and i

Floating along in a tube all afternoon… now that’s my kind of day!!! Hooray!!

To try to keep my stress down from the sucky situation we are in here in Brazil, I have been tyring to focus on the future. I an’t wait to be with family again and be able to do things with them and not have to work like crazy and just enjoy living.. I miss my family and I miss being with them and I can’t wait till this whole greencard process is done and we can be together again!!



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