Getting Thinner!

So my strategy worked!  I cut out lactose free dairy (except for my polenguinho which is a tolerated food) drank 3 liters of water, didnt eat after 6 30 pm,  and went walking for 20 minutes, and my weight finally lowered to 63,7 hooray! Now to get down to 62, hopefully I can do that in less than a week, but I definitely need to up the exercise!


Wednesday Dukan Lunch!

The only bad thing is that today I woke up with a headache and I am not quite sure why. Most of it went away with 2 cups of coffee…but it is still somewhat there. Oh well. Lose the battle but win the war, huh?


Wednesday Dukan Dinner

So, guess what I started yesterday?? The 30 day ab challenge which involves 150 sit ups a day! I even took before pictures, but I will only post before and after pics if I am able to do them all!! Since I just atarted, I have been doing them in reps of 25. I did 4 reps of 25 then a 30 second plank and then at night I did two more reps of 25. Today I am sore, but it will so be worth it:)

My clothes are starting to get really loose, my jeans arent tight anymore, which somewhat sucks because I like tight jeans, but when I get down to my goal weight and stabilize there, I will have them made smaller.

Anyhow, I know I keep rambling on about fitness, but I need focus and all my friends arw naturally thin, so they dont really get it. Its tough to be chubby!

Well, I need to get going, I am on the bus on the way to work:) see you all soon!


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