Argh. Getting Stuck.

So I have been stuck on 64.2 kilos for the past three days. My weight hasn’t lowered and it’s starting to get frustrating! yesterday I drank the last cup of milk in the house, so there are no more dairy products for me to drink/eat/whatever.

Yesterday I wasn’t able to walk because I had to work until late and then got caught up making dinner for the hubby and working on some paperwork. But this morning I got up at 6 o clock and went walking for 20 minutes, I wasn’t able to go for longer because I had to leave with hubby at 7 15 and that involves taking a shower, washing, drying, and straightening hair, making breakfast and feeding dogs. Rushed? yeah. On Friday morning I will be able to go again, so I think I will wake up at 5:50 and be on the street at 6 o clock (instead of 6:17) and be able to walk about 35 minutes. THAT would be amazing. I’ll try it.

I really wish I could start running, but seriously? I am so embarrassed of myself running that I don’t have the courage. I wish I had someone to tutor me in running lol.

I think, to get my weight down to 63 something by tomorrow, I won’t eat after 6 pm and I will drink AT LEAST 3 liters of water today. I mean seriously, something has got to give, right? I have 17 days to lose 4 kilos. After I lose those 4 kilos I will set another “due date” for another 4.. then another 4, until I get down to 52. Because I WILL get there. I do know that once I get past 60 I need to concentrate on exercise because the fat has been there, hmmmm, forever basically? haha SO yeah. I am conscious about that fact. I think not eating at night and not eating dairy will help.

ok so … that was just the morning frustration of a young woman on the dukan diet:D

See you guys soon!


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