March Goals

Good morning! So, two things to start off with. First, I can never decide whether to wite in English or in Portuguese, both are a part of me and O just cant decide on a language so….sorry! Lol.  Second, I have not been posting daily food intake because I really do not have time and I write blog posts while I am on the bus going home, so that`s that haha.


Dukan Sunday Lunch

Ok, I have been really excited about weight loss these past few days because I am down to 64 kilos. I have a conference I am going to on March 15th where I will be seeing a lot of people from my past, so that will be my due date to get down to 60 kilos. That`s 3 weeks for 4 kilos. A little puxado, but I can and WILL do it.


Going to the lake!

Yesterday my hubby and I went to walk around lake Igapo, we went around twice, we went late in the morning so by the time we got there, the sun was pretty strong and I even got a lil sunburnt.

I am going to try to go walking today at 5 30 pm. I tried to go at 6 this morning but I didnt get up early enough. I went to bed at 1 am so that just may be the reason. I have an hour break, so I will tale advantage of that time!

I have to the conclusion that I have mirror complexity. I will make a post aboyt that at another time, but let`s just say, I wa sobese as a teen, and then anorexic, and then always going back amd forth between weights…whenever I look in the mirror I am never satisfied and sometimes I qonder if I ever will be. Only time will tell.

Well, I have to gwt going but I will talk to you another.time!

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