I have had a headache for two days, medicine won’t make it go away. Neither will coffee. I have been feeling down, but honestly, I think all this is stress to getting the greencard paperwork done. I just feel overwhelmed and like no one understands what I am going thrhough because they have never done it themselves and it’s one of the biggest responsibilities I have ever done. I just feel all the weight on my shoulders and I can’t wait till I send off the second load of documents so that I will be able to clear my head. If everything goes ok, it will be done next week.

I know some of you may think, why does she post all of this online? Well, because I need to destress and no one I know actually reads my blog because I don’t make it public on facebook or anything, so yeah.

Anyhow, yesterday I was at my mom’s house and I started looking for thinspiration pics of my past, hahaha so lame, I know:D The cd kept crashing so I was only able to look at a few pics, but I found two happy moments from my past..

When I was a teen, about 14 or 15, I went to a Braves game with my family and my best friend Kayla.. It was the 4th of July. We almost got rained out of the game, but we ended up waiting a couple of hours, playing some games, and then getting upped to better seats, it was awesome! We made a great time out of something that could have been terrible, hahaha

kayla and i 2


While I was in the States, Kayla used to love a place called Costley Mills and one day she and her mom took me there. I think that is when I started getting hooked on Nature. I love the feel of it, I love hiking and things like that, I just never have the opportunity to do it here. But for my birthday this year, I want to do something like that. It would be super awesome!!

kayla and i

Floating along in a tube all afternoon… now that’s my kind of day!!! Hooray!!

To try to keep my stress down from the sucky situation we are in here in Brazil, I have been tyring to focus on the future. I an’t wait to be with family again and be able to do things with them and not have to work like crazy and just enjoy living.. I miss my family and I miss being with them and I can’t wait till this whole greencard process is done and we can be together again!!



Getting Thinner!

So my strategy worked!  I cut out lactose free dairy (except for my polenguinho which is a tolerated food) drank 3 liters of water, didnt eat after 6 30 pm,  and went walking for 20 minutes, and my weight finally lowered to 63,7 hooray! Now to get down to 62, hopefully I can do that in less than a week, but I definitely need to up the exercise!


Wednesday Dukan Lunch!

The only bad thing is that today I woke up with a headache and I am not quite sure why. Most of it went away with 2 cups of coffee…but it is still somewhat there. Oh well. Lose the battle but win the war, huh?


Wednesday Dukan Dinner

So, guess what I started yesterday?? The 30 day ab challenge which involves 150 sit ups a day! I even took before pictures, but I will only post before and after pics if I am able to do them all!! Since I just atarted, I have been doing them in reps of 25. I did 4 reps of 25 then a 30 second plank and then at night I did two more reps of 25. Today I am sore, but it will so be worth it:)

My clothes are starting to get really loose, my jeans arent tight anymore, which somewhat sucks because I like tight jeans, but when I get down to my goal weight and stabilize there, I will have them made smaller.

Anyhow, I know I keep rambling on about fitness, but I need focus and all my friends arw naturally thin, so they dont really get it. Its tough to be chubby!

Well, I need to get going, I am on the bus on the way to work:) see you all soon!

Argh. Getting Stuck.

So I have been stuck on 64.2 kilos for the past three days. My weight hasn’t lowered and it’s starting to get frustrating! yesterday I drank the last cup of milk in the house, so there are no more dairy products for me to drink/eat/whatever.

Yesterday I wasn’t able to walk because I had to work until late and then got caught up making dinner for the hubby and working on some paperwork. But this morning I got up at 6 o clock and went walking for 20 minutes, I wasn’t able to go for longer because I had to leave with hubby at 7 15 and that involves taking a shower, washing, drying, and straightening hair, making breakfast and feeding dogs. Rushed? yeah. On Friday morning I will be able to go again, so I think I will wake up at 5:50 and be on the street at 6 o clock (instead of 6:17) and be able to walk about 35 minutes. THAT would be amazing. I’ll try it.

I really wish I could start running, but seriously? I am so embarrassed of myself running that I don’t have the courage. I wish I had someone to tutor me in running lol.

I think, to get my weight down to 63 something by tomorrow, I won’t eat after 6 pm and I will drink AT LEAST 3 liters of water today. I mean seriously, something has got to give, right? I have 17 days to lose 4 kilos. After I lose those 4 kilos I will set another “due date” for another 4.. then another 4, until I get down to 52. Because I WILL get there. I do know that once I get past 60 I need to concentrate on exercise because the fat has been there, hmmmm, forever basically? haha SO yeah. I am conscious about that fact. I think not eating at night and not eating dairy will help.

ok so … that was just the morning frustration of a young woman on the dukan diet:D

See you guys soon!

March Goals

Good morning! So, two things to start off with. First, I can never decide whether to wite in English or in Portuguese, both are a part of me and O just cant decide on a language so….sorry! Lol.  Second, I have not been posting daily food intake because I really do not have time and I write blog posts while I am on the bus going home, so that`s that haha.


Dukan Sunday Lunch

Ok, I have been really excited about weight loss these past few days because I am down to 64 kilos. I have a conference I am going to on March 15th where I will be seeing a lot of people from my past, so that will be my due date to get down to 60 kilos. That`s 3 weeks for 4 kilos. A little puxado, but I can and WILL do it.


Going to the lake!

Yesterday my hubby and I went to walk around lake Igapo, we went around twice, we went late in the morning so by the time we got there, the sun was pretty strong and I even got a lil sunburnt.

I am going to try to go walking today at 5 30 pm. I tried to go at 6 this morning but I didnt get up early enough. I went to bed at 1 am so that just may be the reason. I have an hour break, so I will tale advantage of that time!

I have to the conclusion that I have mirror complexity. I will make a post aboyt that at another time, but let`s just say, I wa sobese as a teen, and then anorexic, and then always going back amd forth between weights…whenever I look in the mirror I am never satisfied and sometimes I qonder if I ever will be. Only time will tell.

Well, I have to gwt going but I will talk to you another.time!


I need to do some EXERCISE but I always have some excuse not to… it’s too cold, I odn’t feel well, not enough time, etc.

Well, I MUST do some exercise. I don’t want my weight loss to plateau already! I finally got down to 64,3 kilos, but due to digestive problems it keeps going up to 65 kilos. Well, I will make it come down:) Today I am cutting down on dairy products, trying not to consume milk, yogurt, etc to see if it will help my weight go down.

How's this for motivation? My nice thin, 16 year old body- please, please come back to me!

How’s this for motivation? My nice thin, 16 year old body- please, please come back to me!

I finally criei vergonha na cara and bought my first realy pair of leggings with a sports bra:) Yay! Now I have super sexy clothes to work out in hahha Now I just need to work out. humph.  

I mean, for crying out loud, I have a treadmill in my house, why can’t I just be like normal people and get on it and start walking? Because it’s BORING- that’s why. I hate looking at the same wall every day. I can’t go out 6 am because it is still dark outside and it would be dangerous, so I really don’t know what to do. I guess I just need to download some super cool songs and suck it up and walk. Sigh. I guess not everything in life is fun!

I haven’t been posting my menus since I got back from camp, life has just been BUSY. But I will get back to that, probably on Monday!

I need to get to work now, let’s get motivaaaaaated!!


PS> I never want to take off my leggings. Ever.

Just Some Thoughts

I went to camp and returned on Monday.. now that I returned back to real life, everything feels a little senseless.  I have no idea why I am teaching English, I know it helps people, but maybe not the way I should be helping people. 


Girlfriends from camp!

I feel like I should be more involved with the church, but not with my church, I want to be more a part of evangilization, not greeting people at the door, I want to be more a part of serving others, but not serving coke and picking up paper from the ground from other church members, I want to help in other ways, I want to spread the gospel, and I feel like where I am now, I am not able to, it is like.we are barred from helping. I want to do more. I dont want to just greet people, and really, I dont want to aparecer I just want to serve in a different way. I dont want to be seen, I just want to serve, is that bad? Is that wrong? Have I gone completely cookoo?


After camp, visiting the 12 Tribes Community, it was amazing!!

I feel like moving to the US will bring something our way, that it is the life change we need. I feel this, and am certain, no one can convince me otherwise.


Participating in the Gincana at camp

At camp I met a lot of different people, and God really spoke to me, I tried to talk with my friends but they didnt seem to understand. Anyhow, I feel like I let myself be the real Becca again, the one who liked having fun, the one who liked to help and talk about God, and that is who I want to be, because that is who I am.

Dia 12 Dieta Dukan

Ontem foi um dia d e.proteina e legumes entao aproveitei bem!

Comecei o dia andando 20 minutos na esteira e comendo uma panqueca dukan com iogurte sem lactose depois!


No almoco comi um hamburger com poleguinho light e bastante salada! Temperei a salada com sal e vinagre.  Tambem comi comi uma mistura de todu e kani temperado!


A tarde comi brigadeira branco dukan a tarde e depois algumas fatias de presunto.light.

A tarde vontade de comer a torta que fiz em 2013 que memoria gastronomica boa eim! Kkkkkkk entao fiz a tortinha e comi muito, muito, muito mesmo. Eu e meu marido acabamos com ela em um dia e meio rsrsrrss.


Mas tava uma delicia…. hahaha

Bem, ontem foi isao! Muita muita torta kkkkk. Infelizmente hoje me pesei e tava pesando mais kkkkkk, mas eh aquele inchaço de TPM e intestino preso, ai yai yai.

Bem, eh isso! Until tomorrow!