Eyebrow Design

Well, it’s been forever (as always) since I have posted on here, but hey, I DO work from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm, if things go accordingly, next year that will change.. changes are coming, Looooooots of changes!

So anyhow,ever since I’ve returned to Brazil, I have been addicted to watching youtube channels and playing around with makeup. It’s kind of funny because my husband fully supports me, he is only comments were, “Why does it take you so long to put on makeup?” and “Why do you have to take lipstick off if you’re going to put it right back on?” lol

Well, when doing different makeup, my eyebrows were always looking worse and worse, and you can’t have a good face of makeup with bad eyebrows can you??
wpid-cam00172.jpgEyebrows before without makeup

 Soooo I scheduled an appointment with an eyebrow designer, but the SAME DAY that I scheduled an appointment, my sister in law told me that she was going to do a design course… Sooo I called and unscheduled my appointment and last night she designed my eyebrows and today she is going to put henna on them! Hooray!
imageEyebrows afterwards with makeup

imageNormal pic with new eyebrows

What do you think? I love them!